It is impossible for me to understand how some people find this product difficult to install, or uninstall-able on their bike. I found the product to be highly versatile in its installation options and I'd wager I could install it on any bicycle on the planet. (And just for the record, my bicycle has less than 1/4 inch of clear space between the top bar and the steering collet.) If you have any cleverness about your wits at all, you will be able to install it.

It also still leaves plenty of room on the handle bars for accessories (lights, reflectors, bells, etc.) although I had to move my trip computer out onto the mountain climbing grip in order to be able to see it clearly.

After shopping all such devices I also find it difficult to imagine why any of those other products are even legal on an American street. This is the only product I've seen of the five or so main ones available which will offer the infant any kind of protection in an end-over accident scenario. That funny wing looking "dashboard" is what will keep the entire weight of the bicycle from smashing down on the child should there be an accident. Every other design I've seen, that is exactly what would happen if the bike went end-over. The child would be pinched between the pavement and the bicycle.

And of course, as many have said, our child loves it! Much better than a rear seat. She can see and she loves to let her arms hang down and touch my legs every time I pedal around.

The only drawback is the child's head is pretty much right in your chest. Clearly a "well-endowed" mother and a child with a helmet on would not be compatible. But I don't see that as a design flaw, it is just a reality. I could also see how a very petite person might have a hard time finding enough room to get everyone aboard as well.

The product is exactly as advertised, easy to install, is the only save option I see out there for a product of this kind, and is well made. And the price on Amazon is just perfect for the product. Home Run!

Darren Summers


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