Two days ago my wife and I were hit by a car while riding our bicycles. We have one of your weeride kangaroo carriers on my wife's bicycle. Our 14 month old son loves riding in it. He was in the kangaroo carrier with us when we were hit by the car. We are all ok. We wanted to commend you on the safety of your carrier. Our son came away from the accident with only two small scratches on his face. Your carrier did a great job of protecting him.

We did make a modification and added our own Velcro strap by his chest to attach the shoulder harness together because the straps were falling off his shoulders. We would suggest you make that a standard on your product. Thanks for making a great safety product that helped save our son's life!

Eric, Nalani and Ayden Pavlina

Thanks for making a great safety product that helped save our son's life!


Two days ago my wife and I were hit by a car while riding our bicycles. We have one of your weeride kangaroo carriers on my wife's bicycle. Our 14 month old son loves riding in it. He was in the kangaroo carrier with us when we were hit by the car. We are all ok.  We wanted to commend you on the safety of your carrier. Our son came away from the accident with only two small scratches on his face. Your carrier did a great job of protecting him.

Thanks for making a great safety product that helped save our son's life!

Eric, Nalani and Ayden Pavlina

A rider takes his one-year-old son on a bike adventure... only for him to fall asleep!

Me being an avid off-road cyclist, I enjoy getting outdoors on my MTB in any kind of weather that Durban has to offer. A few years ago I was doing a race every weekend; this was just for the fun of it, and for the camaraderie that comes when riding with mountain bikers.

But then my little boy was born, and my weekend riding practically came to a complete halt. When he was about a year old I had a bright idea and decided to buy a WeeRide - a seat that fixes to the top tube of the bike, allowing you to strap your little one in and take him or her along for a ride. This was my way of getting my son to enjoy the outdoors with me; the WeeRide allowed him to sit in front of me, so I could interact with the little man during rides. We first tried it out along the Durban beachfront, and he had lots of fun seeing dogs and birds and trying to steer the bike.

Eventually I decided to up the ante and do a race with him; I chose the 10km Easton Cycle fun ride. We started off at the breakneck speed of a snail - the organisers thought it would be funny to have an uphill at the start, with a corner. After we negotiated this slight obstacle and got past some slower riders (and all the comments on how cute my boy looked with his helmet on), we set out for the open road and a great time in the sun. It was at this point that he decided it would be great to take his mandatory but unarranged stint of steering the bike by himself, continuously pushing my hands off the handle bar. Me being the designated steerer of the bike, I decided that this wasn't really going to work; so I tried to distract him with the scenery, and all the other bikes being ridden around us.

I don't know what caused it - possibly my careful riding, or that I was pedalling more slowly than usual - but midway through the course he decided it was time for a power-nap. I rode up hills and down descents with my child fast asleep in his WeeRide; he only woke up after I got to the finish line, stunned to alertness by the spectators clapping and urging the riders to the finish.

Since then, every time I open the garage my little one grabs his helmet and asks where my bike is. I may have created a little cycling lover, and I look forward to getting him a bike so we can ride together - this could be soon, as he's getting a little too big for the WeeRide!

Eugene Koekemoer

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike...

I've been waiting to start cycling again since our baby was born. Now she is one she's big enough to fit into a bike helmet and strong enough to support herself in a seat on my bike.

Step forward the WeeRide Safe Front Deluxe. It's a front-mounted seat, attached to a centre mounting bar between the handlebars and your own seat. The child's weight is put to the centre of the bike so cyclist and passenger are much more stable, and your little one is visible at all times too, so you can see exactly what he or she is up to.

The mounting bar felt strong but not needlessly heavy and was relatively easy to fit. We needed an allen key and spanner to attach it, which are provided, and our own screwdriver. The instruction manual was straightforward but anyone worried about their technical capabilities could also watch a quick tutorial on Weeride UK's website. There's a reassuring no-nonsense Aussie presenting a five-minute video which is simple to follow.Free-wheeling: Liz enjoys a cycle ride with her daughter Catherine

The WeeRide is designed to take children from aged one to four, weighing up to 15kg (33lbs). When I opened the box I was worried the seat itself looked surprisingly small compared to rear-mounted bike seats. But there's an additional WeeRide UK guarantee that your child will fit at aged four - and if they don't you'll get 50 per cent of the purchase price back. That seemed an especially good deal when children are notorious for growing out of things so quickly.

We adjusted the five-point seat harness and altered the foot rests so Catherine fitted comfortably, then took her out again to get the seat onto the bike. It is fixed in place with a newly-designed 'two-movement' thumbscrew - so you have to push the screw down and turn it at the same time, as you would a childproof medicine bottle.

The new model Safe Front Deluxe also boasts a two-movement buckle release on the safety straps, again so that prying fingers can't work out an escape route as you are on the move. The footcup holders now have an extra strap as well so wriggly toes can't stretch out as you do the pedalling.

WeeRide seats all come with a pedestal in front of the child which means weary passengers can rest their heads and fall asleep as mummy or daddy do all the hard work.

Liz said she felt very safe using the WeeRide although she did have to splay her knees to cycle

Liz said she felt very safe using the WeeRide although she did have to splay her knees to cycle

WeeRide recommend a test drive without passenger to get used to the seat, and I was pleased that it didn't feel any heavier to cycle - even uphill.

Once baby was in I set off tentatively in low gear. My bike is a 17-inch frame mountain bike - the seat fits any bike with a minimum frame size of 16 inches. I found I had to ride with my knees splayed out slightly because of the small frame of my bike but this became quite easy to get used to.

It felt safe to have my arms wrapped around Catherine and because she was facing the world in front of me she could enjoy the view rather than staring at my back. As she pointed at things and babbled away in babytalk I could see what she was looking at - passing dogs on the seafront, other cyclists heading in the opposite direction and the occasional low-flying seagull. We could chat about people and places - definitely something that will be of benefit as she gets older and starts talking more.

Stopping was not a problem because the additional weight is to the centre of the bike - when you put the brakes on there's no sudden tilting of the back of the bike.

I was nervous about balancing with a growing toddler wriggling on the bike but when you cycle on flat-going there is barely any difference to the ride and I felt very safe. It came as something of a surprise when we reached our first major hill and my fitness was put to the test - the WeeRide felt so comfortably balanced it was easy to forget about the extra few pounds on the bike until then.

Just one thing...you might have to move your bell further out of reach...unless you're happy to pedal along with the passenger merrily ting ting tinging.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2137850/Review-WeeRide-Safe-Front-Deluxe.html#ixzz1uCkU3dQg

Balance Bikes - The Progression Project!

Being a parent and an avid cyclist - I want to get my son on his own two wheels as soon as possible to enjoy the sport I am mildly obsessed with. I recently got a Balance bike for my 23 month old son and over the next 12 mths I am going to record and photograph his progress.

When Elijah got his parcel through the post as usual he wanted it instantly out of the box to play with. After about 3 minutes of construction and removing the optional brake lever he was ready to take his first steps on the balance bike.

He instantly loved it and after a couple of bails and slips off the seat he was off and away and loving it. He even attacked my skateboard kicker ramp and managed a fakie roll back quite succesfully.

He seemed to love the fact he could roll around and be in control of the bike and speed instantly. He managed most obstacles in my garden and was happy enough to roll around on it following me around our new riding track for around an hour.

If this is what he is managing on the bike and under 2 years old and in such a short period of time I am quite anxious and excited to see what he will be doing on it over the next few months.

Jumble (jumble.pinkbike.com)

My son, Hayes, got a WeeRide for his first birthday. We went for our first ride and he didn’t want to stop. I have always felt so comfortable with him in my arms and now I have the same comfort on our bike rides. With WeeRide he is still in my arms. Hayes loves to point at things as we ride and "talk" to me about everything he sees. If it weren't for WeeRide, our bike rides would not be a family event as he would be apart from us. But with WeeRide he is right in the middle of everything. Just like he likes it. I would write more, but we are heading out for a bike ride. Thanks WeeRide!

Andi Oldner, Katy, TX

My husband and I love to take the kids with us wherever we go. My husband takes the kids for a bike ride every day in the pull behind bike trailer we have. While this is great, and they have a good time, we were looking for a more intimate way to be outside with the kids. We are not able to see them while they are in a pull behind or rear-mounted car seat...unless you want to take your eyes off the road and turn around (which I don't suggest). I am so excited to introduce you guys to the WeeRide Kangaroo center-mounted child bicycle carrier! This thing is amazing! It keeps your kiddo up front with you, making for a safer, more enjoyable ride.

We were able to have this from box to child in seat in 25 minutes! That is just for the initial set up, though, because once you have the mounting bar set up, you can take the seat on and off in SECONDS!!!

There are several things I love about the Kangaroo. I think my favorite is the adjustable foot cups. I have a two year old and a 9 month old. In an instant, the 'size' can be changed to fit each child. Another thing I love is just being able to see what they see! You can point to things to show them, as they can you. You can hear them when they get all excited about a duck they just saw. I also like that the kangaroo has a big space for your child to hold on to. This makes them feel better and keeps them from trying to play with your handlebars! It really is a great product!

It takes a minute to get used to having something taking up space in front of you, but it isn't awkward like you might think. That was my only real concern before I tried it out. Have no fear! You get used to it after a few minutes and it's becomes normal. I can't tell you how great it is to hear my boys babble away about all the things they get to see from this new viewpoint...it just makes me sad to think about how much we miss when they are behind us! Thank you, WeeRide!

Mama Hill (mamahill.blogspot.com)

This was a great buy. Our little guy loves it. I wasn't sure about purchasing a front mounted bike seat verses the typical one's.

Assembly was a snap. The seat comes on and off easy for the times you are riding alone. Getting him in and out of the seat alone isn't hard. The design of the front cushion where he can hold on and/or rest his head is cool. And he's done both. The quality of the product is first class.

Having him in front has lots of benefits. I can keep an eye on him better. He can see more and is enjoying the ride a lot more being in front. The issue of riding with your knees sticking out as you peddled has not been an issue. I really don't notice a difference.

Highly recommend this bike seat.

Kyle W Stockton

As promised, here are the pics of Audrey and I riding with the Weeride.I have a number of bikes, I put the Weeride on this single speed today. I might put it on a different bike next week (one with gears!). I know the instructions say to not use drop bars with the Weeride but I have not had any problems. I rode perhaps 5 kilometers with Audrey today and she loved it. She is 17 months old.

Dear WeeRide Family,

My name is Kim Meyer, me and my son Brady Meyer have been enjoying the WeeRide seat for over a year and a half now. The amount of people glancing, smiling, laughing and asking me questions about his seat is astounding. I think also, that possibly we helped with sales for your seat. Our location where we live is in a community of young family's that have bikes and haven't used them since they've had a child/children, and now after seeing your product now do. Also, where I live we have a great bike path or sidewalk that landscapes the Hudson River looking at the Skyline of Manhattan and spans for miles. I've been able to enjoy my summers immensely by having this seat. I live close to Hoboken and other towns with many playgrounds/restaurants that I can now ride my bike to and enjoy with my son. I prefer riding my bike than driving anywhere since it's much easier to get to and from with. I must spend 80% on my bike during the summer months now that I've had the WeeRide. Just yesterday I took my bike on the Ferry Boat to NYC and enjoyed the bike path on West Side highway and meet my husband for lunch in the Financial Dist. My son just loves to do this, it gives him a taste of new scenery and a new adventure for the day.

I really, really wanted to express my Thanks for this wonderful product and ensure you that I will help market this in anyway!

Thanks again to the creators of WeeRide,

Kim and Brady Meyer

I was introduced to this amazing bike carrier a few months ago while visiting with my husbands parents. They were camping at a beach nearby so we decided to visit for the day. While we were there we saw a dad riding his bike with his toddler. Unlike most bike carriers we’ve seen, this one was different and we were sold on it immediately! Most bike carriers are mounted onto your bike from behind, only allowing your child to look at either your back, or the views from the side. Well, guess what? The WeeRide mounts to the FRONT of your bike, allowing your child to be able to fully see what is going on in front of them. Not only do I love the fact that my child is able to look at more than my back, I love the fact that I can keep an eye on what he is doing while still paying attention to where I am riding. Having them in front of you also makes communicating with them 100% better. Which is worth it to me.

It’s been years since I rode a bike, probably over 10 years. So I was a little nervous to test out the WeeRide Kangaroo Carrier. I knew I remembered how to ride my bike, but could I possibly ride it with my son who weighs 19lbs?

YES! Yes I could! I could not believe how easy it was to ride around with him! I am average height and I could peddle and steer my bike with no problem.

Austin thoroughly enjoyed being in the WeeRide carrier as well. He loved looking around and being able to smile whenever my husband looked at him. He also enjoyed watching his big brother go "super fast."

I wish I could say we had absolutely no issues installing the carrier onto my bike, but we did. In no way do I want to discourage anyone from purchasing one because it really is an amazing bike carrier. However, when we received the Kangaroo Carrier in the mail it was missing the tools that were required to take the bolts off in order to mount it onto my bike. I contacted them and they shipped me the missing tools right away. It also took longer than it should to install because some of the bolts were assembled so tight that they were very difficult to unscrew. Luckily my husband didn’t give up and ended up being able to finally get the pieces separated. I am pretty sure this doesn’t happen very often and it definitely wouldn’t discourage me from telling people about how great the bike carrier is… Because this bike carrier is seriously AWESOME

Jasmine - Modern Day Moms

I used to love going on bike rides with my hubby and two girls. My family hasn't ridden bikes together since I was prego with Caden. It is hard to now that we are a family of 5 with child under two. WeeRide provides safe products so my family and I can now enjoy going on bike rides again like we used to. The best part is that my two youngest can come with us too and they love it.

Caden was so excited when he saw his dad putting the Kangaroo Carrier on his bike. Caden kept yelling "Choo Choo, Choo Choo". He hasn't figured out how to say bike yet. The look on his face when we put him in the Kangaroo Carrier, was priceless. The Kangaroo Bike Carrier was easy and fast to assemble, which made Caden happy.

(Due to Caden not having a helmet at the time we opened our Kangaroo, they only road around the front of our house the first two times)

Our experience:

We enjoyed being able to quickly attach the Kangaroo Carrier to the center of my husband's bike. The Kangaroo Carrier is known to be able to securely fit most bikes. The seat has slight padding to help give your child a comfortable ride. There is front padded attachment that is great for giving your child something to hold on to, acts as a protective shield should your child's head got forward, and is a great place for your child's head should they fall asleep on the relaxing bike ride.

The Kangaroo bike carrier keeps Caden close while bike riding. Caden is able to see where he is going, he enjoys looking around, and he is close enough to my hubby where my hubby feels comfortable and in control. The positioning of the Kangaroo on the bike does not interfere with handling and controlling the bike. This makes it safe and comfortable. My hubby loves being able to get out and bike ride with Caden. We don't have to worry about who is going to stay home with Caden while everyone else goes on a bike ride.

Thank you WeeRide for giving our family a fun and safe way for my whole family to get outdoors and enjoy biking riding together. We liked ours so much that we went out and bought one for my brother and his son.


Our family loves to ride bikes yet we hardly get to go on family bike rides. My four year old is not old enough to go very far on her own so for long rides she and her 2 year old sister ride in the bike trailor. The baby is not old enough for anything yet, but thanks to the WeeRide Kangaroo Carrier as soon as Little C turns 1 she can ride with me on my bike. We mounted the seat on my bike and it was very easy to do. The Kangaroo carrier works for kids up to 40 lbs so we put my 2 year old in and I took her for a ride. I was surprised at how easy it was to ride with my daughter sitting in front of me. I did not feel off balance at all and it was fun for her to have such a great view as we rode. I can not wait until Little C is old enough to ride in it and we can all go for rides. For now The Ballerina can ride in style in the WeeRide Kangaroo Carrier. The Carrier is very sturdy, easily adjustable and seems to be quite comfortable for the kids to ride in.

Thrifty and Chic Mom

I opened the box and was happy to find that there weren't many pieces inside! That's usually a good sign of an easy installation.

My husband helped me to install this on my Schwinn 10-speed bicycle. I am very glad he did, because this is definitely a two person job. It's not that the installation was complicated, it's just that you need to have one person holding the mounting bar straight while the other person is attaching it to the bike's frame.

The only mistake we made when installing the mounting bar came in the second picture shown above. We accidentally attached the rear part of the mounting bar to the bicycle's frame too, instead of to the bike seat post. This caused the mounting bar to sit at an angle, instead of sitting exactly straight across, which is what it's supposed to do. Once we realized our error, we quickly fixed it and then attached the child's seat to the mounting bar. The good thing about the way the child's seat attaches, is that you can easily remove just the seat so that you can ride alone on your bike just as easily as you can ride with your child. Now, it was time to test drive the bicycle without my daughter, just to make sure everything was working properly and that the seat wasn't interfering with either the bicycle or with the way I rode it.

The only thing I noticed about the child carrier is that it does interfere with your riding somewhat. It seemed that I had to open my legs wider to accommodate the child seat and that caused me to have to ride with my legs bowed out a little. This wasn't that bad of a problem though, and maybe it could have been because my bike is shorter between the seat and the handlebars than other bikes. If there would have been room to move the child carrier forward another 2-3 inches, then I wouldn't have had this rubbing of my inner thighs. Since the picture on the box and on the website shows much more room between the bike seat and the back of the child carrier, I'm assuming that my Schwinn 10-speed is made a little differently and is shorter in this area.

Now, came the ultimate test...riding with my daughter, Riley! I was excited to see if she would like her first real bike ride or not and how she would like sitting in the carrier. We got her all suited up for safety and we put her in the carrier seat. I felt that she was very safe and secure while in this seat. She was harnessed in the same way a child is harnessed into a car seat. Also, she had the little foot buckets where she could put her feet, so she wouldn't be dangling them anywhere, risking injury to both of us. She didn't know what to think when we put her in the carrier, but she seemed very comfortable.

As soon as we took off, Riley couldn't stop smiling! She placed her hands on the wide rest section in front of her and kept her feet in the little buckets. My husband watched us ride around and he said that she was having an absolute ball! I loved that my arms were serving as additional protection for her and that she was in front of me so that I could see what she was doing at all times without having to take my eyes off the road. The bike was also amazingly easy to control since she was positioned in the center of the bike, instead of at the rear. We had such a good time on the bike that after I rode her around for a while, she didn't want to get off...so it was Daddy's turn to take her out!

He agreed that the bike was very easy to control and that he felt she was very safe riding in the child carrier too! This is truly a terrific product and I can guarantee you that I will be putting it to very good use this season! If you see us out and about one day, make sure to WAVE HELLO!

Mommy Living the Life of Riley

This is a great product. My main concern was safety. I initially thought a lot about getting a bike trailer but did not feel comfortable - not safe and also expensive! The WeeRide child bike seat is perfect. My child sits right in front of me and I feel much safer this way. It is very well attached to the bike. Assembly is not easy but it is not that complicated. Once it is ready you just have to screw the chair in and go for a ride. Once done, you easily take it out and keep the rest attached to the bike.

The baby really enjoys the ride and our bike ride time passes with lot of fun. I have a mountain bike and it fitted was perfectly. I love the design, fitting and material of the product. I highly recommend this product to others. Lots of fun!


Max is such an outdoor boy. He loves being outside, and often tries to sneak out, if one of us is leaving. It has been so hot lately, and he doesn't care, he will walk so slow to and from the car, just so he can stay our longer. I'm not much of an outdoor girl, so Daddy is the one who usually goes out to play, and I love that my boys have their bonding time.

I was offered an opportunity to review the WeeRide Kangaroo bicycle seat, and I jumped at the chance. I knew Max would absolutely love bike riding, and I thought it would be fun for all of us to ride together. I don't have a bike yet, so Daddy has been the tester. They usually ride every day he has off, and one night as I was getting home, the boys were coming back from their ride. I have never seen anything cuter in my life, than Max sitting in that little seat, holding onto his helmet. Just like I thought, Max LOVED the ride, he gets to see everything that is going on.

I remember when I was a kid, my family used to go on bike rides, and my brother would sit in a seat behind my mom. I, personally, would not feel comfortable with having Max behind me on a bike, probably because I am kind of a control freak, and I wouldn't be able to see him. Not to mention the fact that all he would be able to see is my back. I feel much better that he would be in front of me, and I know it's more enjoyable. My husband says it's not much harder to ride with Max on the bike, and in fact the website says that the child's weight in front actually enhances the stability instead of impairing it, if he were on the back. I know that Max is safer because he is between my husbands arms and legs. The seat is mounted on a bar that you hook onto the bike, so we can take off the seat to keep it inside. I also found out that we can buy an extra bar for my bike, so Max will be able to ride with either one of us. I'm so so happy with the WeeRide Kangaroo seat, and I'm excited to finally get my bike back so we can ride as a family.


My son and I love this! He wants to get the bike everytime he sees it. He squeals with joy waving hi to everyone we pass. Definately more fun when we can interact with each other because I can see him. Warning, he does grab the handle bars sometimes, but thats just kids. He wants to drive!

Niceville, Florida

Ok, I had to write a review on this bike. Although I bought the first one here at Walmart.com which was black & red, we talked our neighbors into getting one for their toddlers as well. Although one neighbor wasn't crazy about the new color scheme, it's still a great bike if your child is already interested in riding as ours was (due to Daddy's love for dirt bikes!).

Prior to our son turning 2 in March, my husband began researching regular bikes online just to see recommended age, development, etc. He came across the Strider balance (or "running") bike which costs about $100. Although my husband didn't mind buying this bike, he did more research and came across the black/red Weeride here at Walmart.com for $29. Also, another WM reviewer said he had tried both the Strider and the Weeride and that he actually like the Weeride better because the foam wheels don't need any maintenance. Also, we couldn't beat the price of $29.00! We figured if our son didn't like it like we thought he would, at least we've only invested a small amount and could even return it with no hassles.

For his 2yr birthday party, we did a dirt bike theme and had the little ones bring over bikes & trikes to ride around obstacles in our driveway. It made everyone good and tired for their naps! LOL Our son received his "big" surprise and proceeded to walk beside it while holding the handles. He pretty much did that for the first month. He was also a little short for it (measure your kids' inseams!) even though my husband lowered it an extra 1/2". Our son could already ride his trike but couldn't reach the pedals so we waited for him to basically climb on and use his feet for to propel himself, which he did after he had it for a month.

By the end of his 2nd month of owning this bike, he did begin to lift his feet up when coasting and also used his feet for stopping. My husband had removed the handbrake because it was a regular adult handbrake which we thought would be too difficult for him to squeeze anyway. On this newer version, there are two noticeable differences: the color scheme and the NEW KIDS handbrake.

Alas, by this 3rd month of riding, our son now rides on ramps and teeter-totters made of blocks and plywood that we have in our driveway. Our neighbors who just purchased this newer Weeride have a slight incline in their driveway so our son really likes that one because he gains a little more speed, pulls his feet up and turns onto the sidewalk from their driveway. He does this over and over--under a close watchful eye, of course! Our son has even tried to imitate Daddy by building his own little ramp in our driveway. Needless to say, he did it, rode it, and couldn't be more proud of himself! LOL

One more thing I almost forgot to mention. While practicing outside, our son used the yard/grass a lot to slow down his coasting. It's funny how the little ones figure things out. He started by going down a little grassy slope and I guess he realized he doesn't go as fast. If he feels uncomfortable at his speed, he automatically turns for the grass!

Don't forget the helmet and knee pads because there is quite a bit of falling over in the beginning. He practiced mostly in our home then. He knows Daddy always wears helmets so he has no problem (MOST of the time) wearing one himself.

We can't say enough good things about this bike. I hope this review helps some of you who are on the fence about what balance bike to buy but don't mind putting the little ones on a bike so early. There are plenty of videos on youtube if you search "strider bike" or "balance bike" to get an idea of how the whole thing works. For some reason, if you search "weeride" all you get are child bike carriers (baskets).

MemphisBelle - Lakeland, TN

I bought this for my KHS Mountain bike. It fit perfect. My daughter is three years old and she loves riding in it. She does not get in my way at all when we ride. Very easy to take the seat off and put back on. The mounting bar stays on the bike when you take the seat off, but it's not a big deal. You can take the mounting bar off too, if you really want, it would just take longer. Overall, a very good product. Just what I was looking for.

John Richardson - Cordova, TN

I looked at a number of bike seats for my daughter. I did not want a seat which was behind me, as I could not see her. The rear seats and the seats further up on the handle bars were something which would throw the balance off of the bike. I was intrigued by the design of this bike seat and the fact that it was centered on the bike, keeping your center of gravity in the right place in order to be able to easily maintain control. It also adds a 'cocoon' of protection around your child with your own body.

My main concern was the seat being to wide and that I would have to have my legs splayed outward in order to peddle. I checked a number of sites and videos to review and get a good idea if that would be an issue. I am happy to say that this bike seat has been tremendous and it is the only bike seat you should consider for your child. The seat installs in a few minutes. The support bar which connects at the handle bar and the bike seat pole installs easily and appears to be a good universal fit for any bike. The seat itself attaches easily and securely to the support bar. You are able to position the seat more forward or more towards you as needed and as is comfortable for both you and your child.

There is no issue with the seat being to wide or needing to peddle in any type of awkward position. You can continue to peddle normally with the seat in place. Its great as I can easily see and interact with my daughter while riding, and she loves being on the bike. I can maintain good control of the bike and she is safe within the seat. A bonus is that the seat can easily be removed when she is not riding with me, but keeping the support bar in place. It also makes the bike easy to transport as I can remove the seat, and put it in the car while keeping my bikes mounted on my roof. The foot holds for her and the seat straps are easily adjusted and keep her secure in the seat and not having her legs get in your way or in the way of operating the bike.

Bobcat - Oreland, PA

I bought this for my soon to be 2 year old. My husband put it together easily....and my son and I were on our way. My son LOVED riding with me. As I loved being able to ride with him. This product is definitely worth the money.


I absolutely love our WeeRide Bike Seat. I bought this seat 5 years ago for my first Grandson. I wished they had this product when my children were young. I love that my Grandson is safely in my sight and between my arms. Once we had a wipe out (sand,)both my arms were securely around Ben. He felt that security. No injuries for Ben and just a few scraps for Grandma. We talk about all the things we see, because we are close enough for conversation. I could see when he was falling asleep and know his head was secure on the rest, not bobbing around like in the pull behind seats. I just ordered one for my niece. I could be a spokesperson for Wee Ride. Many people stop and ask me where I found this product and if I like it. I say that I love it!

Teresa in Minnesota - Virginia, MN

I love the control I still have of my bike. The protective "cage" of him being between my arms and the fact that I can see what he is doing is unparalleled by other carriers. A must have for parents with young adventurous kids.

Slick Cannon - Bloomington, MN

We hooked it up to an old 18 speed men's road bike and tested it in our small culdesack, and my 9 month old LOVED IT and SO DO I! if your child is an observer like mine, I find this more fun than using a trailer where they are separated and behind you! Plus it's compact and does fine on a car bike rack...

Mellev - Henderson, NV

I wanted to get my 3 year old a balance bike but couldn't find one affordable. This one is a great option. It also comes with a hand brake where I saw the others didn't. My son is big for his age and we'll be able to use this bike for a while and skip the whole training wheels stage.

Lynn122 - Denver, CO

A very sturdy little bike. I bought the 12" one for my 3 year old grandson and it worked so well, that I had to have one for my 2 year old grandson. Great bike, great value, and it works.

mjrtist - Quinter, KS

I searched high & low for my 2.5 year old's very first bike. I didn't want to spend too much money knowing that she will eventually move onto a 'big girl' bike. She is on the taller side for her age (75th percentile). The bike is a bit tall...but, not by much. She can touch the ground, but is mainly using the ball of her feet up to the toes to push off. I think her entire foot will hit the ground soon though. Great price and the bike arrived quickly

DomZee - Walnut Creek, CA

I spent months researching balance bikes for my two and a half year old. I almost spent $100+ for a more expensive bike but found the wee ride on Walmart's site. I finally decided that I had nothing to lose with a $30 price tag. I did not regret my decision.

First of all, kids are rough with their stuff. This bike has scuff marks and scratches. No need to worry about that since I only spent $30. Second, it taught him how to balance. I worried about him not being able to do anything with his feet, since there was no platform like on some of the fancier bikes. That did not seem to be an issue at all. Third, the tires seem to last forever!

My son is small, and he outgrew this bike within one year. He can still ride it, but it's pretty clear that he is too big for it. For some, this might be a negative. For us, it was a positive.

This summer we transitioned my son to a regular bike. He had the training wheels on for four days so he could learn to use the petals. Then we took them off. He took off riding his bike- with the first push. He's been riding his bike smoothly ever since. This is one bike I'm glad we purchased. It helped him considerably, and we did not have to spend a ton of money. Win/win as far as I'm concerned.

peanutbuttermom - Scappoose, OR

We bought this when our son was 10 months old. It was great for him then, and now, at over 4 years old, it's still great! He's 106cm and 16kg and if I were any shorter (I'm 5'10"), we'd have to come up with another plan, but we should be fine until school ends!

I use this to bike me and my son to our school each morning. It's about a 20 minute ride each way, so I was worried about the position my knees would be in while I biked. It's possible that I turn them out slightly, but not enough to notice or bother me. I've never done anything long or hilly, but flat riding is easy and my son loves sitting where we can talk about what we see.


Our son is a small five year old and this just fits him. He was very nervous at first but truly enjoys riding this. My husband was concerned about the 'stops' on either side of where the bar connects to the hitch - he thought they restricted the turning radius, which I think is the point - but I haven't had any problem with them. I did track down the company and order another hitch ($20) so we could have one on my bike and on my husband's. Now no matter who is 'driving' we can easily move the trailer bike. Nice product.


This is exactly what we were hoping for! It was fairly easy to assemble (took me about 30 minutes start to finish) and dh checked it after he got home from work, approved it. (Which was good as we had already test drove it.) We ride 2 miles every day to and from my oldest dd's school, so this is something that makes the ride go much more smoothly.


Great product, good value. All parts were included, so no hassles with missing parts. Easy assembly and easy to adjust to my grandson's size. Folds into compact size for storage. Easy to disconnect from main bike and store so main bike can be used with only seat post mount remaining on main bike. Much more enjoyable for my grandson than a mere bike seat, really makes him feel like he's part of the action vs. just a passenger.


I don't often, in fact ever reach out to manufacturers of products that I use. I have so enjoyed the wee ride seat that I thought you deserved my time and praise. I have a wonderful family with three young children. We are very active skiing, hiking, camping and cycling. both my nine year old and six year old have nice mountain bikes and we take every occasion to ride as a family. Much of the riding we do is trail riding. We love to travel to moab and other destination points where we can all get out and explore nature together. The wee rider seat was a God send. We started my two year old in the seat and he was in heaven. We were able to ride most anything. I am an avid rider and race occasionally. The stability of the seat set up and positioning allowed me to ride most anything with him, within reason of course. Here are a couple pictures of him at his post. The only suggestion that I would offer is to create rubber protective seals instead of plastic. Mine have broken already, but other than that, I am your biggest fan. We love the looks, thumbs up, and positive comments we receive on the trail. We especially love the fact that we can include everyone in our activities. Max, my son, thinks he is the best rider in the family!

Jonathan Johnson

I bought this tagalong to take my 5.5 year old son with me on the 40 mile Five Boro Bike Race yesterday. The tagalong was a huge success, and we finished the race without any incidents. It took me about 30 minutes to attach it to my road bike. It's definitely a little awkward and takes some getting used to. There's a much wider turning radius, and the trailer is not light. However, we never lost control, it went over plenty of bumps and hills, and we got lots of positive comments from other riders. $XX is a ridiculously good price for what seems like a well-made piece of hardware.

Highly recommended.


I was planning to buy 2 units but I was concerned about some of the comments people had about the wheels locking up, the frame being slightly bent, too much tilting and causing kids to fall, the bracket around the parent bike being loose, etc. Hence I bought 1 unit and tried it out over the weekend.

After more than 45 minutes with my 9 yr old son who is EXTREMELY afraid of riding bikes, I am SO glad I purchased it!! My son enjoyed it so much that he didn't want to stop!!! Even my 7 yr old daughter had a blast! I just ordered another unit so that my 7yr daughter can ride in tandem with my wife!!

I didn't experience any of the problems mentioned above. Perhaps these were issues in the past and the manufacturer have fixed them, or perhaps customers received defective units.

Couple of points:

a) Assembling is very easy & minimal.
b) Quick release is not really quick. However, it is acceptable.
c) The unit folds and hence easy to store or carry in the vehicle.
d) Flag attachment comes in 2 pieces. I recommend attaching them permanently with glue/tape/etc.
e) When turning, make big radius as possible & minimize tilting your bike. Practice riding with your kid around your neighborhood before taking it to a trail or road. This applies to any co-pilot trailers.

Will update if there are any issues.


My daughter is 6 years old and has not yet felt comfortable riding her own bike without her training wheels, which makes bike rides really slow...and not much of a workout for mommy! I decided to get this and I am so happy I did! It was easy to put together (I'm a single momma, so I only had help from my kiddo!) and we were off and riding within about 20 minutes. My daughter was so excited to be my co-pilot and to ride fast and it was a great workout for me. My only suggestion is to give it a quick test ride before you child gets on and make sure to get on the bike before your child does. Also, I found it easier if you one of your pedals in an up position, because it takes a little more effort to get moving with the trailer attached. This may get better with more practice. We loved it! Can't wait to ride again. :)


We payed under $XX.00 for this balance bike. My son started riding it at around 21 months. He started off walking with it between his legs and quickly learned to coast while holding his feet up. We laugh and relish in his success. Everywhere we go, people are talking about how amazing he is on this bike. He is two now and he can go bike riding with us on safe paths. WE LOVE THIS BIKE!!! It is my favorite gift to give. I know that you can buy better and more expensive models, but there is no need. I don't think he will be riding a balance bike for long. He has wonderful balance now and he understands how to navigate. Don't forget to buy a helmet.


I never write reviews. This in all reality may be my very first one. But it is such an important review to give.

My 6 yr old daughter has Autism. We are a family of four. Daddy, Mommy, 8 yr old sister and 6 yr old. Our 8 year old daughter learned to ride without training wheels last fall and got a new bike for her birthday. We had wanted to go bike riding as a family. I got a new hybrid bike in March and got my husband a bike at the beginning of May.

Our 6 year old refused to learn to ride. REFUSED. She was terrified. So I researched and was going to buy the USA JR Bike Stabilizer Wheels sold here on Amazon, get her a 20 bike and attach those monster of stabilizers to it.

So first, we decided to use bribery as a inticement. She really wanted to paint her room a pretty princess color. So for two days, Daddy and I spent our time hunched over her old bike with regular training wheels. Other than sore shoulders and backs, what we learned was that she did not have all the skills necessary to ride a bike on her own. She could not steer, remember to pedal, deal with the sensory inputs, balance and not get distracted by her shadow or dust motes in the sun.....She just did not have the skill set yet. And add anxiety to that mix and it is a disaster.

Not to be outdone and wanting us to ride as a family, I went back to research and found this tandem hookup. Showed it to my husband and he instantly agreed to try it. Ordered it on Thursday night and had it shipped for Saturday delivery.

Our daughter was so excited to see it arrive Saturday morning. And that afternoon, it was attached to Daddy's bike and they took a turn around the block. She was very nervous but excited. So next morning, we were off to a small walking path. She kept yelling for Daddy to stop at first because she was scared. After a couple of stops, he just kept riding. Soon, I could hear "WHEEEEEEEEE" as he went around a corner. She did not pedal at first. On the ride back, I rode behind her reminding her to pedal by switching legs. What a sight and sound we were! LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT! RIGHT! Praisiing her all the way.

So Memorial Day weekend was our big test. We went to the Blackstone River Bike Path. As a family, we rode a total of 5 miles. She pedaled all the way, yelling "WHEEEE" and "Daddy, go FASTER!!!!" She was so happy. And so were we.

This is an awesome product. I have already contacted Kent International and ordered a bike hitch attachment for easy switching between my husband's bike and my bike.

If you have a child with a disability or just fear of riding on their own, this is a great product to get them used to the feel of biking, get the love of riding, get used to the sensory inputs and over their fears. I cannot recommend this enough!!!!

Judye mom to 2

I read several reviews and chose this one for both price and above-average reviews. It exceeds my expectations. My 7 year old son is afraid to ride without training wheels, so I bought this with the hope of getting him past the fear. He's about 4 feet tall, but I had to lower the seat considerably from the high position because he couldn't touch the ground. We've now had the WeeRide Pro-Pilot Bicycle Tandem Trailer for about 24 hours and taken two bike rides on the sidewalk and on a paved path. It seems solid and so far no accidental spills. Here's a breakdown of our experience:

Day 1
- Bike arrived in 1 day because I wanted it for the weekend. The additional fee was negligible considering the weight of the bike and the next day delivery.
- box was mangled in shipping, but the bike was packed well and there were no loose parts.
- This is one of those items you can put together with the kids "helping" and there's little fear of something getting lost or broken. An allen wrench and a multitool were included.
- Putting it together was self-explanatory and the hardest part was attaching the pedals because I was rotating them the wrong way. After 2 kids, you'd think I'd have a bike pedal figured out by now.
- the handlebar folds down on itself to make storing easier and it even balances itself on the handlebars for sitting it upright in the garage without a kickstand. Nice!
- I put everything together: handlebar, pedals, flag, opened it up to its full length and locked it in place.
- I held the mounting bracket up under my bike seat and then held the tandem trailer up to the mount to see how it mounted. The mounting bracket attaches with the angle pointing up, not down.
- Once mounted, trailer attached to bracket, and a quick safety check to ensure everything was snug, it was time to ride.
- First ride was smooth and I barely noticed my son was back there. I weigh 200 pounds more than him and he was probably a little scared, so I didn't expect him to impact my riding.

Day 2
- attached 3 bikes and the Pro-Pilot trailer on my hitch-mounted bike rack Allen Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack (2-Inch Receiver). No problems mounting it in the full-open position.
- Took it on a paved path with several tight curves, a bumpy bridge, and even a couple of grassy adventures just for kicks. No problems with the bike tipping or anything.
- Took it up to near full-speed (high gear on my bike, good steady pull) and no rattle or shimmying from the rear.
- As my son got more comfortable, I had to remind him not to lean or jerk from side-to-side. I never felt out of control, just became aware that he was not paying attention. Again, your mileage may vary.

Excellent tandem trailer and worth more than I paid!

CENturian - Washington, DC

My husband installed this on my bike in about 30min with no problems. (Actually we did have one problem - he pinched the gear cable in the bracket unintentionally and I couldn't shift! But he quickly got that taken care of for me.) This bike seat is simple, sturdy, and smart. My 22mos. old loves riding with me on my bike, no bike ride is ever long enough for her!

The mount bar is solid, the seat attaches very snugly yet easy to remove if I am not riding with my little girl. And with the seat located where it is, the extra weight I am now pedaling is located centrally on the bike. We really do get to ride together, I'm not just having baby tag along for the ride.

Am very happy with the purchase price, I didn't want to have to drop a lot to bike with my little one. Bike trailer would have run me at least double!

S. Michalak - WI

My 2-year-old son loves this! Fairly easy to install on my Specialized mountain bike, comes with all the hardware and tools you'll need for install. The part I really like about this seat is the ease of getting my son into it. With my old rear bike seat I had to put him in the seat before I got on the bike which became a balancing / safety issue until I got in my seat. But with this one I can sit in my seat with both feet on the ground to stabilize the bike, lift him up and strap him in his seat, and off we go! Works great! Looking to buy a second for my wife's bike and our twin 2-year-old daughter.

Jeffrey J. Hadden

This was the most reasonably priced tandem trailer I could find. I have used it quite bit now and absolutely love it. It is so fun to tell my 5-year-old to pedal so I can take a break. I no longer just have to pull some heavy trailer, plus her weight. It arrived 2 days after I ordered it, thank you so much. Now, my husband and I are looking for new places to go riding. Plus, after only using it about 4 or 5 times, my daughter decided she was ready to take her training wheels off her own bike and in one twenty minute lesson she had it down. I think it helped her get a feel for her sense of balance. Great product.

Viva Mama

We got this trailer bike so we could go on family bike rides with our 3 yr old. He always has so much energy and doesn't like to be left out so we knew he wouldn't settle for sitting in a bike trailer. He was so excited to go on our bike ride when he saw his new "'big bike". He is tall for a 3 yr old but he is still just a little too short, but it won't be long before he is tall enough. On our first ride we went 9 miles with minimal issues. We did have some issues with the seat on my bike turning. In the end I decided the bike I had (which was a cruiser bike) was not the type of bike that was practical for our needs and got a new bike. Once the trailer bike was connected to this bike we no longer had the issue of the seat turning so I determined this issue must have to do with the bike the trailer bike is connected to and has nothing to do with the trailer bike or the mounting system. Overall we are very happy with this bike and our son is sure to love it for years to come!


I just received this yesterday, but already it's a big hit with my 4.5 year old. We rode several miles on it as soon as we put it together. My son is almost 4 feet tall, and his legs are just long enough with the seat down as far as it can go. I had to remove the reflector from around the seat post until his legs get to be another inch or two longer. It took about 35 minutes for me to put everything together and it was pretty easy. He absolutely loves this bike. Since we had already been working on balancing and riding for 2 years now, he had no problems with getting right on and riding. It takes a little getting used to riding this way as the adult has to compensate any time the child leans one way or the other, but we didn't have any trouble with it.

I would highly recommend this bike as it definitely lives up to my expectations. The best part about this is being able to ride everywhere with him while not having to sacrifice distance or locations.


I bought this for my 5 year old son. We enjoy riding our bikes together and the WeeRide allows us to ride for longer periods of time and further distances. He weighs about 50 pounds and is the height of an average 6 or 7 year old. I anticipate us being able to use this product for at least 2 more Summers. I can feel it when he pedals and it really does help. I would recommend this product for anyone who wants to ride with a child on trails or bike paths. It is easy to balance and not any harder to ride if the child pedals too.

NurseMom316 - MI

We bought this for our 3 year old granddaughter. We have a tantem bike and we easily connected it to the back, put a helmet on our granddaughter and away we went. She had no trouble staying on the bike and going for a ride. The bike came in with a torn seat. We contacted the manufacturer, and within 3 days we had a replacement seat. We also ordered an additional quick connect to use for one of our standard bikes. Great company to work with. I would highly recommend this bike to anyone with kids.


Some parents, especially those who are lighter and smaller in stature, feel that having a seat and child in back of them throws off their balance. They feel more stable and secure with the child lower and in front of them. Many parents share that perspective, and the WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat is a best seller featuring an award-winning design.

This center-mounted unit gives your little passenger a front row seat on the journey, and keeps them right where you can see them. The position produces a lower center of gravity that encourages better balance. The seat secures easily with a steel support beam that fits most adult bikes, attaching to the seat post and the front post of the frame. It goes on and off with ease.

The seat itself is molded from high-density plastic that absorbs and dissipates shock. It is nicely padded for protection from bumps in the road and for increased comfort. Taller riders will appreciate the height adjustable foot cups that relieve stress on the legs. The safety harness is adjustable for a perfect fit that keeps children well-positioned and secure. This model features a padded pedestal arm rest which serves as head support for little nappers.

WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat is designed for bikes with upright handles, and for children from one year of age to 40lbs. It provides a safe and stable place for your child to seat, and allows for wonderful, close interaction along the road or trail.


Our family absolutely loves this seat! We also bought an extra bar for my husband's bike and it is so easy to switch the seat between bikes. I highly recommend this over the seats that go on the back of the bike.


My husband and I had an ongoing debate re: bike seat vs. trailer. He was convinced that a trailer is safer but I didn't feel comfortable pulling a bike trailer by myself and crossing a busy county highway with one, which is the nearest place to ride for us. He broke down and bought me this seat for mother's day. He installed it on my mountain bike, and at first he didn't think there would be enough room to attach the front clamp, as some other reviewers mentioned, but it did work. We went for a ride right away and I have to say I love the seat. My one year old gets excited when we put her "hat" on and tells me "bike! bike!" I do have to angle my knees out a bit but it did not take long to get used to it. I do not feel that the seat affects my center of gravity much, although if she gets real wiggly and moves side to side a lot it can cause the bike to wobble. I love having her in front of me where I feel she will be safer (as opposed to behind). She seems to enjoy the view. Her head is almost touching my chest - I'm 5'6" - so if she gets to tall to ride with me on this bike I may just get a beach cruiser. My husband let his friend ride my bike and said the seat was very easy to take off and put back on. We have used it numerous times now, and my only complaint is that the seat belt slipped off my daughter's shoulder on one ride. There is a little strap that connects the two shoulder straps in the back, since the shoulder strap slipped off I move the connector strap up as high as it will go and that seems to help. it would be better if there was a way for that strap to be held in place, but that is the only issue we have had. (Well, besides finding a helmet to fit her tiny head. But that's another story).

B. Blandford - Flint, TX

Love this! At first I was a little worried about the seat being in the way for me to peddle and the balance being thrown off but everything was fine. I hadnt rode a bike in years and adding my 16 month old was no problem. I love that she is in front of me and I can see what she is doing rather than behind me. She absolutely loves it as well. Never a peep out of her during our rides. She loves to look around. I highly recommend this product and I will be purchasing another bar so that my hubby and I can switch her out.

Heath3610 - Pennsylvania

Superb product that I take great pride in recommending to my friends. I purchased from Amazon as it was ranked number 1 with them which I always believe is a good sign, and the reviews were faultless.

I received within 24hrs which impressed me. But the real joy came on using the product. Seb absolutely adores his seat and when daddy comes home from work, the first thing he has to do is go out again for a ride. I dont know of any other product we have bought for our son that brings him so much joy, or us! Well thought out design and good value for money.

Ozzie Puyoll

Have been using this great seat for 2 weeks so far and can see we'll be getting loads of use out of it. 1 year old DS absolutely loves sitting in it and points at everything as we go along. It was easy enough to fit, taking about an hour for one person. I was worried that I would keep bashing my knees off the seat, but in fact it barely makes any difference to my riding position.

Would thoroughly recommend this seat.

Apple Jelly

My husband is an avid bike rider. Now that our kiddos are getting order, we would like to make biking a family activity. Since Peanut is the only one who isn't riding a bike we need a way for him to travel with us.

From what I have seen, there are two possibilities - a trailer and a seat on the back of an adult bike. I have some reservations about each of these.

But oh...I was wrong. There is another option! And boy do I love this one!

Friends introduced us to a bike seat that fits in front of the adult rider. So, I did some research, contacted the WeeRide company, and tried one for myself!

The WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat is awesome! With our almost-one-year-old riding directly in front of me, I was able to talk, interact, and check on him. He was protected with my arms around him. And, I loved, loved my time with him. I felt like he was part of our bike ride instead of being along for the ride.

Now for the specifics:

- When we first got the WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat, my husband didn't think it would fit on my mountain bike. I was crushed! I asked him to just try...and it worked! The WeeRide.com website claims that the seat will fit on most bikes. If you have concerns, simply email them a picture of your bike and they will make sure.
- Since the seat is in front of you, your legs have to straddle the seat. So, your legs are not exactly perpendicular to the ground. At 5' 6", I had no trouble doing this. Nor was it uncomfortable. I do suggest that you scoot the seat as far forward as possible to give you the maximum amount of space between you and the seat.
- The child riding in the seat must wear a helmet. Period.
- The bigger the bike and the taller the rider the easier this carrier is to use.
- The seat can be used for children up to 40 lbs. I rode with our very tall 3 year old and had no trouble I had no problem seeing over him and pedaling his weight. With an older child it is of extreme importance that the child understands that he/she can not touch the handlebars.
- It is recommended that you not use the WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat with a child under twelve months of age. I definitely agree with this. It takes a lot of neck strength for a baby to hold a helmet on his/her head and sit up straight. Talk to your pediatrician if you have questions.
- The seat has a wonderful hand pedestal. Our son even took a nap on it during our last bike ride.
- Because I am not tall, it is a little harder to get on and off the bike with the carrier attached. I had to lower my seat (making my legs unable to fully extent) so that I could easily touch the ground if needed. This was not a problem for me but it isn't the best biking form - if that is a concern of yours.
- Since the seat is in front of you, the child takes the blunt of the wind. Even though you are warm, remember that the child is not doing any activity. Dress the child accordingly.
- When you first see the seat, you will be shocked at how small it is. It is amazing how well it fits a 40 lb child! The foot rests allows the child to keep their feet still during the ride.
- The carrier was easy to install and use. It comes with two longer screws in addition to the normal length four screws. For my bike it would have been easier to install if it came with 4 longer screws but we made it work.
- BEFORE EACH RIDE, bike a ways without the child in the seat to make sure that the carrier does not interfere with your ability to pedal, brake, or steer. You may need to raise the foot rests to allow for full steering.

We went on a 10 mile bike ride last week and loved it. Looking forward to many more rides together, thanks to the WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat. If you desire to bike with a toddler, I highly suggest this to all of my friends.

Momma C

My 14 month old baby love it!! It toke about 2 weeks for my baby to feel comfortable wearing the helmet. But once we started riding the bike around the block she loves it. Some times, when tired, she just rest in the front row and relax... amazing product! oh, and it is so easy to put together (l didnt need my hb help)

Ludmila S. Alves CORAL SPRINGS, FL

I love bike riding & purchased this so I could take my 9 month old on rides with me & not have to lug around the baby trailor. This is perfect. It's very cushion-y & the straps are thick & strong, which makes it snug for my son to ride. He is very curious so I decided to go with the front riding seat & I'm so glad I did. He loves riding. It is so much better then the rear seat I used with my older son, which hit my heels & legs. And as a "helicopter mom", it's so much nicer to be able to see my son instead of constantly turning around to check on him & kinking my neck all up. I love this seat & my son does too.

Amy R

Bought the Safe Front Weeride as always like to buy the latest models! To be honest, couldnt see any major differences with my friend's older version. Now know why she has banged on about it for so long. It is such good fun and feels so safe. I was worried as I am only 5ft 2, but riding wasn't an issue. Saying that, not sure how I will feel when my son is 4 as may struggle to see ove rthe top of him! But as 2 it is fine. He is comfortable, laughing his way round our local area, and I am happy as dont have the battle of getting him in the car seat and I get some exercise. Bought in Evans who were kind enough to fit, such a good bike store, such a good bike seat.

Jo Campbell

Superb product that I take great pride in recommending to my friends. I purchased from Amazon as it was ranked number 1 with them which I always believe is a good sign, and the reviews were faultless.

I received within 24hrs which impressed me. But the real joy came on using the product. Seb absolutely adores his seat and when daddy comes home from work, the first thing he has to do is go out again for a ride. I dont know of any other product we have bought for our son that brings him so much joy, or us! Well thought out design and good value for money.

Ozzie Puyoll

Seat worked great! like a 5-point harness seat for a baby. and the pad in front work great for the baby's head when she falls asleep, wants to hold on to something, or just pound her fists. the feet stands are adjustable to fit your baby's height, seat straps are adjustable, seats are coshioned, soft, and sturdy. A lot better then the rear seats because you can see you baby, and she can look up and see you, better than the hander bar seats because this seat is centers out the baby's weight. I though I'd have a problem riding with the seat between my legs, but in fact, its really comfortable, and does not cause a problem when i ride. the seat comes off easily. I really enjoy using this seat, and my baby loves going for bike rides. turns a lot of heads, i've been asked about it many of times.

Mr. V - Utah

I was a bit skeptical initially when i saw it online - will it be stable? will it fit onto my bike? will i be comfortable riding the bike with this mount. But lemme tell you - this is one awesome piece of work done by the manufacturer. Its stable, feels very safe and my 1 year old loves it!

+1 point

I purchased this for my daughter and she absolutely Loves this bike!! It was easy to assemble and it is very durable. I haven't had any issues and all of my neighbors with kids about the same age are asking me were to get this. I've used this for a little over 1 month almost everyday. It's worth every penny!


Very simple to assemble and attach/detach. we took this camping with our 5 yr old and he absolutely loved it. we received numerous comments on what a great idea this bike is, it was a big attraction with all the kids "checkin it out". If i bought 10 of these i think i could have sold all of them at the campground. Nobody could believe i bought it at walmart, they thought it was custom made and expensive. I was able to relax while my son peddled his little legs off :)

Cannonball Willie - Ocean City, MD

We purchased this Trailer bike for our 5 year old daughter, so that we could go on long bike rides at the beach or in the mountains. Wow! It was worth the price. It is well constructed and our daughter loves it! On the first ride, we heard from her ,in the best little kid voice that was excitedly screaming , " Pedal Power" as she helped Dad pedal up the hills. My husband did comment that all her pedaling, which was performed with a lot of enthusiasm and was "appreciated" only added a little assistance to him as HE did most of the pedaling up the hills. I would recommend this trailer bike to anyone who wants to get out and bike together and not have to worry about tiring out those little legs. Our daughter was able to pedal when she wanted and take a break too, and it did not interfere in the ability of my husband to continue on our ride.One final comment, It does take a little getting used to riding with the trailer bike and a rider behind you. It makes your bike a lot longer so taking turnings requires wider turns and a little planning at first, but once you get your balance and used to it is not a problem.Target.com was great and the price is awesome. The shipping did take over a week, but it was worth the wait!

Weekend Warrior Bikers

Purchased this to take my 9-month old for a quick spin around the neighborhood. Plan on using it until I can. Its great, much better than those rear child seats. I can see what the kid is doing or if he wants to stop. Great fun. The Wee Ride comes with all the tools you need. Set up the support bar in about 15 minutes. Attach the seat and pop-in the little one.

Of course make sure you attach one of these to a regular sized bike. 20" folding bikes are not going to do very well. My kid is kind of a big boy weighing in at 21 lbs for a 9-month old. You can feel the weight, so don't think you'll be going up any hills with ease. The balance is just fine since the weight is centered. The bike doesn't tip over or anything.


I love this bike seat, and so does my 3 year old. We take rides all the time, and he is so engaged, and I can actually hear and respond to him without taking my eyes of the road or speaking loudly. It took about 20 minutes to put together and you can use your bike without the seat as well.


We borrowed the xxxx from a friend to see if we'd like it. It was ok however there are some major flaws. The ibert DOES NOT fit on male mountain bikes. We tried on 2 different mountain bikes (specialized and another brand) and on both it was impossible to put on. Also the xxxx makes it difficult to steer and the kids can mess with your gears.

This was much better than the xxxx. It's really easy to install and fit perfectly on my husbands mountain bike. The seat does look ridiculously small but both my child (1.5 years old) and his cousin who is 2.5 years old fit perfectly in it. They are both of average weight and height for their age so I think this could easily fit a 3-4 year old. If you are short this seat might not work for you as my husband who is 5'9 bikes slightly bow legged with this seat but is not uncomfortable.

Ethan's Mom - Cupertino

I typically don't write reviews but I felt this product is amazing. My son is six and I have been trying to get him to ride a bike for over a year. He was always scared to ride his bike with no training wheels. A friend of mine recommended the wee ride so I gave it a shot. WOW, he practiced balancing for about an hour and an half and then he jumped on his real bike and took off with no training wheels! I couldn't believe my eyes. All the time I spent over the year trying to coax him into riding was done in a little over an hour. This bike delivers and is truly a wonderful teaching aid! Bye the way my friend who recommended this product had the same experience with her two kids.

Ryan Cooper - Indianapolis, In

My two year old LOVES this bike seat! I was initially pleased to see a forward-mounting seat, and even more pleased with the price and quality of this item.

There was no learning curve for my little guy, and when my husband rides around with him, my little guy is very happy and comfortable; he has a "front row" seat with this bike seat, and that HAS to be better than having to stare at Daddy or Mommy's back during the ride.

I HIGHLY recommend this bike seat.

Tanya Hervey - Rochester, NH

We received the Co-Pilot today and are insanely happy with it! We have a large family -- Mom, Dad, and six kids. Our smallest couldn't keep up with a training wheels-bike, and she often chose to scooter which was even worse. After reading the reviews and knowing that she's pretty close to being able to ride on her own, we thought we'd give the Co-Pilot a try.

We just got back from an 8-mile trip on the wonderful Withlacoochee State Trail here in Central Florida. The Co-Pilot did wonderfully, and my daughter did not fall at all. I gave it a good test run: At times, I went fast, over a few hilly areas, and up some steep inclines. We went through some puddles, too. She loved it.

She had one complaint: after such a long time (about two hours), she complained that her little bum hurt from the seat.

I made wide sweeping turns when having to turn because I read on here that it was the best. I also let her know when I was going to brake or hit a bump, etc. I also bought a little mirror which helped me keep an eye on her.

All in all, it's a terrific product at a great price. We are finally able to get the whole family riding!

JoAnn D. Gardner

I have a rear bike seat, a trailer and this seat. My kids love this seat. I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old. The 2 year old never liked riding in the trailer and I was too nervous to put him in a rear seat. I got this and have absolutely loved it. He loves riding in it. It's awesome having him in front of me -- feels very safe. I definitely recommend this seat!

Kelly West - Fla

I was skeptical about this at first because it looks like it is going to be too small for my rather tall toddler or too big for me to be able to ride the bicycle comfortably. Neither posed to be any trouble at all. My legs are rather long, so my knees does hit the sides of the seat, so I have to ride with my legs slightly open, but it is not uncomfortable nor problematic with maneuvering.

First, it is great because my son is in front with me. We can both see the same things, therefore, talk about things from the same point of view. We live close to so many bike trails and it has been very interesting to see my son interact with other cyclists. He can wave and say hi to them and get an immediate feedback. He feels like he is one of them. As opposed to the bike attachments behind the bike, I can see exactly to which he is pointing and therefore respond. I can also see every mischief he might be up to.

Because the seat is attached to the bar, it is doesn't interfere with my steering. Also, it is very sturdy.

Overall, we've been very happy with this device.

Vanessa Ladinez

This seat is awesome, we already had one for our 3yo and bought this second one for out 1yo, both of them absolutely love it, the best thing is they are inside your body for extra safety and also they can see just as much as you without getting in your way.


We bought two of the Wee Rides. Our son is 8 years old and doesn't know how to ride a bike. He is very sensitive and easily spooked. Instead of subjecting him to the whole "learning" to ride process, we thought this would be a good way to introduce him to bike riding, while learning how to balance, yet having a safety net to prevent falls and bruises - one of us on the front bike. My spouse and I then realized that if we purchased one for our son, our 5 year old daughter would want to ride as well. So, we purchased a second one. It has been fabulous -- all 4 of us can go riding. If one of the kids gets tired, they can stop pedaling, and we are still able to ride. The set-up and take down procedure is relatively easy. Overall, totally worth the money we paid - as the Visa commercials say, the memories we are making with our kids are "priceless" for what we paid.

M & R - St Petersburg, Fl

I felt much safer having my son in front of me, also he is able to see everything unlike other carriers where he can only see my back. we have taken about 5 bike rides so far and he has fallen asleep on 2 of them and he rarely naps so it has been great! i strongly recommend it!!


I have a Nerve beach cruiser and was nervous a rear bike seat would not work with my fenders so I decided to go for the front seat style. I LOVE IT! I installed it myself - but my husband will tell you I'm pretty handy - but still it was easy! And there is no damage to my bike so when we are done with it my bike is still perfect! My son loves his seat too! He's a big 1 yr old and I read a review about the foot guards being small but they were fine with fat crocks on and the seat is snug but there is room to grow with the seat. When we got done with our first "test ride" he grabbed my hand and drug me back to the bike pointing and grunting for another ride! I was also REALLY concerned about having to peddle wide to compensate for the seat between my legs - I am 5'8" and I barely had to adjust for my knees, it's not noticeable enough to make any strange muscles sore or bother me. I also wondered about my son being able to grab the handle bars. Yes, he can hold on to them, but he tends to either put his hands on the padded ledge or on his lap so it hasn't been an issue for us. Shipped quickly and I would recommend this product!


My four year old son loves this. We biked about 4 miles and really enjoyed it. You cant beat the price on this brand. It would be nice if it had its own water bottle attatchment. I would reccomend it to any one who wants to bike and bring your kid right behind you. It handles speed well and stays plumb. It fits well on our 3 bike trunk rack. The fold up feature is easy to use. I was able to put it together in no time at all.

Newguy - Aoex, NC

We were looking at a variety of tag along bikes and this one really met our needs. Our seven year old son was able to ride along with me on our first ride---without a problem. We ended up riding most of the day. At first my seat started turning with the Co-Pilot, But we tighteened it up and never had the issue again. This was really worth the money spent. We replaced another brand with this one and love the folding ability, it really worked much the same way and was a lot less expensive. A definite buy if you need one...don't waste the extra money on the "brand" name item.

marge b - Farmington Hills, Mich

WOW! LOVE LOVE LOVE this! My 4 year old would get too pooped out riding his own bike so we bought this to have him go along for the ride and does he love it. It was quick to assemble, very sturdy and a great value. Our first time out we rode 25 miles & our little guy was not pooped at all! He helped my husband pedal on the hills & thought that was pretty cool. I would definately recommend this product!! We used the site to store option and it was at the store in 3 days. I was very impressed!


This product made it possible for our family to go on family bike rides. It has a higher weight limit than other, more expensive products. My special needs child cannot coordinate pedaling, balance, and steering. However, he can use this product. The higher weight limit means that by the time he has outgrown this item, he should no longer need it. I think this is a wonderful product and the free delivery to the store for pick up is a great bonus.

Sunshinemom - Virginia

I wasn't sure if my son would try it because it doesn't require training wheels, which he is use to. It was easy to put together and fits on any bike. The heavy metal materials are sound and sturdy. The bike seat does adjust low. My son loves the flag. It's a great way for us to enjoy biking with out having to worry about where the other is, because he is attached and directly behind you. I would also recommend a mirror to see behind you. As we were biking I stopped peddling for a few minutes and let him pedal, I could actually feel the pull of forward motion from him pedaling. It's a great way for him to build his leg muscles. My kick stand held the whole thing up. Great product with lots of fun attached.

Motherofakindergartener - Gasport, NY

This bike attachment is sooo easy to use and great for any child. We took our 4 year old daughter with this bike camping and went on very bumpy trails where her regular bike with training wheels wouldn't go and she had a ball plus we were able to travel places with the bikes that we couldn't have gone if the training wheels were there. My daughter pedaled when she felt and coasted when she wanted. I feel it teaches balance and control to help further her with riding her regular bike without training wheels in the future. A highly recommended product. Price was absolutely wonderful compared to others that are on the market also and the comments we received from others who witnessed the riding and observed the bike were amazing. I would buy this product again and again.

Imistress - Pocono Mountains, PA

I've been using the Wee-Ride Co-Pilot for four months now and I absolutely love it!! I have a 4 1/2 year old daughter who was getting too big and too bored to spend another summer in our exercise/jogging stroller everyday while I got my workout. Also she is not fast enough on her own bike to keep up with me on my bike, yet, I'm not fast enough to walk/jog alongside of her when she's on her bike. So, this product was the perfect solution. We use it 4-5 times per week and have never had a problem or accident with it. Also, I live in the country so I have to put my bike on a bike rack on the back of my minivan and her "tag along" bike fits perfectly inside our minivan. Because I have to transport our bikes, I have to detach her "tag along" from my bike every time. At first I thought this would be a huge problem and a difficult task for me to do by myself without my husband to help, but after about our third outing it became second nature and I've been able to do it without any problem at all since then.

My daughter absolutely loves the ride (I do 95% of the work!). We get to spend some great quality time together and I get my daily exercise. My daughter is a relatively tall four year old with a very petite and thin stature and she just fits on the bike. I would not recommend it for a child less than 4 years old or one who is short for his/her age. My daughter will definitely not outgrow this bike anytime soon.

I do recommend buying a kickstand for the Co-Pilot ($5 and easy to install - I did it myself!) and I also bought a rear view mirror for my bike so that I can see her without turning around and possibly going off the bike path/sidewalk.

I have some friends who bought the "real" brand of this type of bike at a bike store and spent over $130 for it. Don't do that!!! The quality of the Wee Ride has been great and it's easy to use. Best thing I've bought in a long time!!

ActiveMom - Ames, Iowa

I ordered this WeeRide Co-pilot on Monday, and it was at my door within 3 days, just in time for some weekend riding! I got this for my 5 year old son so he wouldn't have to try so hard keeping up with me and my 15 year old. I got worried when I saw the box and it said "Fits most 26-inch bikes." I own a 29-inch Redline, but it fit just fine. The set-up was easy and my son and I were good to go in less than 10 minutes. We rode about 2.5 miles before it started pouring on us. We went up and down a few hills and at times picked up a little speed, and he had absolutely no problems staying on. He loved it! It was a little weird for me at first, with the whole balancing thing, but you get used to it pretty quick. I definitely recommend this product for family fun, and it's a great way for little ones to get used to riding.


My daughter is four and a half and we just got our copilot about a month ago. We love it!! this thing is the bomb, if she wants to pedal she can, if she's tired she can take a break. we've taken it all around town over the last few weeks with no complaints and no breakdowns. When we ride i can feel her pedal and balance on her own and she can lean into the turns with me so she gets a feel for that too. I think this bike is giving her a head start on riding her own bike without training wheels and saving her a few skinned up knees and elbows, and we're having alot of fun along the way.


My 7 y/o son can ride a bike perfectly, however we live on a very busy country highway and I won't let him ride on it! His school is just 2 miles away and I wanted to surprise him one afternnon with a bike pick-up so I loaded on my trusty old yellow buggy and headed out.

Well, add the 25 pound buggy, 70 pound kid, and his back-pack... I had 100 pounds I was lugging home! Something was going to change!

So I went on line, Wal-Mart first and found that they carried this tandem attachment. Ordered it to be shipped here because I didn't want to wait for the stores to get it. 5 days later, it arrived. I put it together all by myself and I'm not the greatest with wrenches. You really have to tighten it on your bike a lot! then re-tighten, and re-tighten.

When my son helps pedal on the hills, it really helps! If I go and get him a lot, maybe I'll loose the stubborn weight that's plagging me!

HarpMom - Maine

I tried Y*** mini Child seat before this one and that product is ridiculous. didn't fit any of my bikes (i have one MTB, one Hybrid, and one road bikes with all different handle stems. it only barely fit my road bike but did not fit the other two. (and the price was $140!!!)

This WEERIDE child seat not only fits all three bikes and even sturdier than the Y*** mini. installation couldn't be simpler. i did not refer to the instruction manual at all and the tool provided was superb.

Some reviewers mention their concern about the quality (cheap plastic). I disagree. it is light and my 2 year old son feels very comfortable in it (compared to his continuous complaint about Y*** mini. With him on it I can see without him blocking my vision or the way i pedal. the straps are widely adjustable and feel secure.

The only problem i have this product is that my son, once on the bike, refuses to get off of it. Overall, good product with good engineering and well priced.

Kon W. Kim

I love this seat! I do not have the knee bumping issues that some reviewers had so it is perfect. The bike's balance is not affected since the weight is right in the center of the bike.


"This is a great seat for your child. I found it easy to fit, and importantly easy to remove for when I ride on my own. do a lot of trail riding and found the seat to be very secure and importantly didnt cause any steering or balance issues. I take safety very seriously and this seat gets my thums up. We actually bought an extra bar so my wife can use aswell and though nervous at first as she is only 5ft 4, now loves the seat and is confident to take our son out. APPROVED!!"


We purchased this bike seat for our 18 month old after seeing it featured in some celebrity photos in People Magazine. We figured, "If it's good enough for Matthew McConaughey, it's good enough for us". This bike seat did not disappoint.

The construction and materials are quite superior and very sturdy, yet still very lightweight. The seat comes with padded cushions on the seat, back, and front pedestal which is great for little tushies on long bumpy rides. Our little one actually fell asleep on a ride and was able to use the padded front pedestal as a headrest! The foot rests are vertically adjustable to grow with the child and the seat belts are fully adjustable.

The most notable feature of this bike seat is the forward placement design. Most other seats we looked at were designed for the rear of the bike, which we felt was not ideal since the child is not easily visible nor accessible. With this seat the child is safely tucked in front of the adult rider allowing the rider to easily monitor the child and, if needed, protect the child in the event of a fall. This design also allows the adult rider to safely, quickly, and conveniently mount and dismount the bike without the risk of accidentally kicking the child.

The installation was quite simple (about 1 hour total); however, we did have to remove and re-install the mounting bar twice after a few test rides just to get to perfect fit. I have a mountain bike with an over-sized head tube, but luckily the installation kit comes with extra long hex bolts for this reason. And because the seat is easily removable from the mounting bar with just a single hex bolt, I can still go on solo rides without having to uninstall the whole thing.

The only minor drawbacks (and they are very minor) to this bike seat are that my knees bump into the seat a bit so I end up having to ride with my knees pointed outward; the cushions are not removable for washing, but can be spot cleaned; and lastly, with the mounting bar installed, I cannot raise or lower my own seat without first loosening the mounting bar.

Overall, we absolutely love this bike seat. Our little one loves this seat mostly because he gets a fantastic view of the road as opposed to watching daddy's sweaty back. Because he is safely tucked into my arms during a ride, we can easily talk and hear one another without having to turn around which makes for safer, more interesting and more interactive bike rides.


I and my wife often ride bikes together. Before we bought this bar, I used to ride her bike with the carrier, and she rode mine. Since we are different height, she had to lower the seat on my bike each time we went for a ride, and I had to pedal without being able to fully straighten my legs because it's very hard to change the height of a seat on a bike with the mounting bar installed. The additional mounting bar for my bike completely solved this problem. All we have to do now is just swap the seat between bikes which is very easy. With this bar you can even do things such as drop-off your child at some place leaving the seat there, and then someone can come to pick-up him/her on another bike with the bar installed.


I purchased this product along with a bike for my husband's birthday June 2011. We have a 16 month old son. I couldn't tell who was having more fun. The seat was easy to assemble and compatible with the bike I purchased. My son fit into the seat well. He is about 21 pounds and tall. I would recommend this product. It arrived very quickly.

Nehemiah's Mom

The WeeRide Co-Pilot is a well built, heavy-duty ride along attachment that can definitely handle the weight of a young-to-middle aged child (probably around 4-10 yrs old). This item requires a little set-up, but all the necessary tools are included. I like the fact the pedal on the WeeRide is a free-wheel as it allows my daughter to coast if she doesn't feel like pedaling. The handle bars and seat are adjustable which adds comfort and safety. In my opinion, this is a must have for any one who wants to introduce a child to riding bicycles.

J. McGrath - San Luis Opisbo, CA

I am so glad I got this. I have rented these while on vacation, but now I have my own. I have enjoyed some great bike rides with my son behind me.

The Co-Pilot arrived in excellent shape. I have no complaints on the shipping or the packaging. Everything was in order.

The instructions were easy enough to understand and it took a reasonable amount of time to assemble. There really is not a lot of assembly, and it was straightforward. I think it took 20 minutes or so.

I have been off and riding a few times and I have no complaints. The Co-Pilot attached solidly to my bike and I have no safety concerns. I am very pleased and I highly recommend this. I look forward to using this with my kids for years to come.

Shane Johnson - Florida

We ordered the WeeRide Co-Piolt Bike Trailer because it was a fraction of the cost that other bike trailers were in town. I searched every store around us and no one had a reasonable cost bike trailer that fit our budget for what we needed it for. I was very pleased that the bike trailer came mostly assembled, and only took 15 minutes to unpack and hook up. Now, my 18 year old can ride the mile to the elementary school to pick up her little sister and they can ride back together without me worrying about the 7 year old riding onto the busy street and getting hurt. I am very happy with the purchase. And for the record, the 18 year old is glad she doesn't have to walk that mile any more.

Ma Butterworth

I read all the reviews from several sights before purchasing this seat for my daughter. She is almost two and too short to reach the pedals on a trike and she so badly wanted to ride a bike with big sis.She is thirty pounds. It only took me a half hour to install this on my cranbrook cruiser bike. I was worried it may not fit due to the bike being a bit thick but it fit great. Plenty of rubber protection pieces to protect by bike from the hardware as well. All tools for installation were provided as well as easy to follow instructions. The seatlooks small but she had plenty of room. The seat has a 5 point harness as well. She loves it!!!! As I amnot an avid bike rider the bike with the seat with her in it was very easy to ride. I didnt have any balance issues at all and she was moving with excitement the entire time. It was easy to put her in the seat and take her out without even being on the bike.I just hung on to the bie so it would not tip. I recomend this seat to every parent. Well worth the price. We will get alot of use. I even take her to the daycare in it. I installed a basket on the front of my bike for her bag and my work items.


We previously had a WeeRide seat but have two children so they would have to take turns riding with us. Both children ages 1 and 3 enjoyed riding along with us but hated sharing so we purchased a second WeeRide seat and installed it on our other bike and now both of them are able to ride and they love it because they can see everything instead of looking at our backs... also with the seat over the bar it centers the added weight of the child when riding.

Tom, HI

I have taken my son out for 3 rides on this new bike trailer since receiving it. It is absolutely everything I had hoped it would be and more. It only took 30 minutes to put it all together, and the attachment that connects the trailer to my bike only took 4 bolts to install. My 3, almost 4-year-old can't quite do the pedals all the way, but he thinks he is and can just ride without pedaling if he wants. Worth the money, for sure.

A. Mashburn

We have a seven year old daughter who struggles to ride a two wheeler on her own-this was the perfect solution!! I did read several reviews about safety and followed the product directions closely. We have had no trouble with the co-pilot equipment at all. I would suggest taking a test bike ride prior to putting your child on the back-it did take some getting used to. This has allowed us to take family bike rides-we love it!!

Mom to 5

I ordered the Weeride for my 5yr old son. When it arrived my husband happened to be away for the weekend and I was disappointed he wouldn't be able to assemble it for us right away. I thought why not give it a shot myself. I was such an easy assemble for me and i didn't even need my hubby's assistance. When my husband got home he was amazed how cool it was and that I was able to install it on his bike. My son absolutely loved riding with my husband and being able to keep up with mommy and his big sister. I posted the picture on my facebook and got so many Likes. I recommend it to all my friends and family who have little ones. We can't wait to go on our first bike ride at the beach. I just wish we could buy another hitch so i can trail him on my bike too without taking the hitch off my hubby's bike.

Bornasteelerfan - San Dimas, CA

Purchased for my friend to take her granddaughter for bike rides, this product is great for interacting with the child. She make the bike ride a learning experience. Child is always in view, no worring about what she might be doing behind you. Seems to be extremely comfortable for the child. Her grand daughter LOVES IT...

Flashs1 - Indiana

I put this on my 26 in. cruiser bike and my 28 mo. daughter loved this the instant she was put in it! She always tells me "Keep riding Mama!" I love the fact that she is in front of me, so I not only can see and touch her (she's fallen asleep in this a few times!), but I can easily get her milk, blankie, etc. from my front basket. You have to ride w/ your knees slightly bent out to not hit the seat, but it is more stable having her in front instead of behind me, so it is worth it. I would definately recommend this!

MimisMamma - Fort Collins, CO

I bought two of the co pilots from walmart and we are very pleased with the performance and the 4 year olds love them. They are able to pedal and help with their added extra weight too. We had them about a month and go riding just about everyday so far it has been a good experience. THey are learning to ride and watch traffic and to be safer bike riders. It is great!!

Diannalt - Kansas

Just received this past Saturday (4th of July weekend). This bike exceeded my expectations for the price! I saw the same type but different brand of this at the cycle shop selling for $180+. It took me less than 30 minutes to assemble and hook up to my bike. The arm folds back for compact storage and it fits in the back of my suv so I can take it to the trails for joint bike rides. Very quick and easy to hook and unhook to the adult bike. I had my 5 year old granddaughter using it and we rode all weekend. Highly recommend!

Hiawatha Mom - Cedar Rapids, IA

I would highly recommend this product based on my experience. The assembly was really easy, it might take a bit of time but is pretty straightforward. The bike is made of really good materials, solid and resistant. I went to a ride with my son and it was pretty easy to handle, he is around 45 pounds and I can barely feel him in the back. I also love the fact that it can be detached and folded quickly to save space or for traveling.

Hometester - Oldsmar, FL

We purchased this for our five year old after shopping around quite a bit and finding this to be a great price. (We found some brands upwards of $250! Ouch!) We didn't want to spend a fortune considering how fast kids grow but also didn't want to end up with a poor quality or unsafe product either. After over a month of usage we are very pleased with the WeeRide. The quality seems quite sufficient and we have had no problems with bolts loosening as some reviews mentioned. (We do a quick check to be sure everything is tightened before every ride just in case.) He is tall for his age but this fit him at the lowest seat height so it allows lots of room for growth. He LOVES riding it, assembly was fairly simple and it is easy to detach when needed. This has enabled us to take 5+ mile bike rides together without our little guy getting tired legs, falling, or being in danger due to distractions. It lets us relax and enjoy our time so much more than when he was on his own bike. I would especially recommend this to those that live in a city area and have many street crossings on their riding routes. Do be warned however that kids still need to pedal! Not because it won't function otherwise but because the adult rider will get worn out. My husband says it feels like a turbo boost when my son pedals after a period of coasting and looking at the scenery. :) Super satisfied with this product - highly recommend!


A+ product!!! I bought this bike trainer for my 4 year old because we live in the country on a busy road. We want to ride as a family, but we can't because he doesn't know how to ride yet as we have a stone driveway and both kids didn't like riding in them. Anywho, it's one of the best idea's I've seen! He loves it, I love it and it's alot easier to control than I expected. I thought it would knock us off balance until he learned how to balance, but no way, this works perfectly and when he pedals he is building his skills at the same time...plus it's mich easier going up hills when he helps!

Idaho34 - Holley, NY

There's really no better way to enjoy a cool autumn afternoon than with a leisurely bike ride. Of course those of us with children under 4 or 5 have to consider a few bike modifications before heading out. If you dread the thought of putting your toddler in a child bike seat that faces your back or dread spending up to $500 on a bike wagon, you'll absolutely love the WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat. Mounted in the middle of your bike's frame, your child is visible at all times. Plus, you both get to enjoy the view around you. From my own experience, this smart seat attaches easily (usually in under 10 minutes) and fits nearly all bicycle styles. You'll get the exercise and fresh air you crave, and your little one will think he or she has the coolest ride ever.

Courtney Strimel

It looked tiny when i took it out of the box but my daughter fits in it very well. My husband put it together with no problems. My daughter loves it. I'm glad we are able to go out and ride as a family.

Irving, TX

All my doubts were erased, once I put the co-pilot together and I hooked it up to my wife's bike. My daugther is 5 years old and she loved it. She keep asking to "ride" her bike. I recommend this product.

Pittsburgh, PA

This product is great! It allows us to take our little guy on the longer bike rides that he could not last on his own bike. It is also superior to the covered carrier because he feels involved and can experience the ride.

Folsom, Ca

Our house lacks a paved driveway and sits right on a busy road with no sidewalks. Unfortunately it doesn't give my 5 yr old a safe place in which to learn to ride a traditional bike or coaster bike. Thus, I felt the trailer bike to be a perfect solution for our situation because 1) it is a great price 2) it enabled me to say "let's go for a bike ride" 3) my daughter can learn by doing WITH Mom 4) I know my daughter is safely behind me and we can just enjoy the ride 5) it will help build her confidence for when she gets her own bike.

It arrived well packaged and inside a plain cardboard box. Assembly was really quite easy (about 20 minutes)...unfold this, put on handle bars, put on seat, put on pedals, attach to Mom's bike and put on flag. This was a good choice for us and I would recommend it.

Lancaster, PA

We bought this seat for our 1 year old son to ride in during our family bike rides. We love it and so does he! It's so great to have him in front of me. The seat did not affect my balance at all, my bike doesn't feel heavier and it only took a few minutes to get used to holding my knees out a bit wider to accommodate the seat (and I'm only 5'2"). It's amazing to be able to lean down and talk to my son and point out things that we see. He actually fell asleep at the end of our first bike ride in it and I gently laid his head on the front pad and he was fine until we got home. We love this seat and we are so happy we found it!

Tanya Lundberg - Northville, MI

I bought this bike for my 22 month old son for the fraction of the $60 price listed here at a large, well known chain superstore. I had never seen anything like this before but my son took to it like a pro and was riding it through the store and out the parking lot before I could even pay for it. lol. He's had this bike for 4 months now and rides it every single day, multiple times a day. It is by far his favorite toy and the tread on the tires are wearing down... which is why I came here to see about purchasing a replacement. My son is 26 months old now and hasn't had a major fall or accident on this bike.. he's already riding it down hill with his feet up. He won't need training wheels when he graduates to a new "real" bike. Everyone that sees him on this bike is like WOW, he doesn't even need training wheels. They don't even realize that the bike doesn't have pedals. haha! My son loves all the praises and comments he gets while riding his balance bike. Would definitely recommend this bike to kids 18 months - 2 years old. It's a very small bike.. smaller than the usually tiny starter bikes you see. Perfect for young ones. Love love love this product!


WeeRide Copilot

So there are many outdoor gear products out there. This is one worth tooting a horn about.

A WeeRide Co-pilot is a kids bike that attaches to your own adult bike, so that your child can ride along with you.

These are all the reasons why OutdoorBaby.net finds the WeeRide so awesome:

  • The WeeRide tracks behind the adult bike better than other models we have tried.
  • It rolls really well and is comfortable for the child to bike on.
  • The WeeRide can also pull a bike trailer so: An adult can attach a WeeRide to the back of his/her bike and then you can pull a younger sibling in a trailer that is attached to the WeeRide. A long family bike train!
  • Our daughter thought it was so cool that she was pulling her baby sister (see above)!
  • Comes with a very handy and secure flag for safety and visibility.
  • Safer way to travel on city street than having your child ride on an independent bike.
  • We liked the fact that we could bike to school,drop our kid, and then the WeeRide was not in the way while the adult biked alone or that we had to fuss find a place to store the kids independent bike.
  • The WeeRide enables families to go on a long bike ride without having a child melt down

Heidi Ahrens

My son is 23 months old and he LOVES this bike seat! Even the first time I put him in the seat and rode around in a quick circle, he waved bye-bye and seemed very content. When I start pedaling away from our house, he gets so excited as we ride by cars, trucks, dogs, butterflies - you name it. The world is at his fingertips and it's all his to observe.

I love how securely the seat fits on the bike and how close he is to me. This seat has been such a blessing. We are a one car family so I do not have any other means of transportation during the day. This bike seat has given me the opportunity to take my son to the park or to the Library for story time.

It did take a minute for me to relearn how to balance and pedal, as my knees are out further than normal (could be cause I'm only 5'2). But other than that minor adjustment, I couldn't be happier.

Aden's Mommy - Phoenix, AZ

I bought this for my 15 month old who loves sitting up front! Because she's there she is not leaning around and so, not putting the bike off balance. When she is tired she lays her head on the rest, and even with a helmet on can doze with support. It is also easy to put her on and off on my own as she's in front. Would definately recommend!

VazLane - South England

This is one of the best products I have bought. It is so simple to install, and it is much better than a rear mounted child seat. It has the benefits of you being able to see your child all the time, and able to interact with your child by pointing out things. You can see when they are falling asleep and don't get the fishtail effect of a sleeping child on a rear seat. From a safety perspective, the seat is great, as the child is always enveloped within your arms, so if you have to fall, you will be able to shield the child from the impact. I would recommend this child seat to anyone who want to have a great cycling experience with your child.


I love it!! We just got it yesterday in the mail for my big 3 1/2 yr old. Pretty simple to assemble! She has excellent balance on it!!! No problems what so ever. I even made her wear her elbow pads and knee pads the first 2 times she rode on it, but low and behold, it's actually pretty darned safe! I'm very pleased with it, and hope this helps anyone who is skeptical :)

Up2Late - San Diego, CA

I have studied several front seats, tried a few. From my opinion this one is the best of all. There are several reasons:

  1. it is safe: the kind of cusion on the front helps protect the child in case of emergency stop, also provides a nice area to rest (mine sometimes naps on it).
  2. it does not prvent you from properly cycling. This is somehow suprising, as I initially expected to have to cycle differently because of the position of the foot rests between my knees, but it is not really different than cycling alone, I got used to it within a few minutes. It is important to keep a comfortable cycling position because you need more power and more control when carrying a child than when cycling alone.
  3. it improves the total balance of the bike, especially when you have another child on the rear rack. This is due to the distribution of weight: cycling with a child in on a rear seat removes weight from the font wheel, and puts more on the back wheel, which reduces the stability of the bike. But if you add a seat (any kind of seat actually) in the front, you put back some weight on the front wheel, and the stability is significantly improved. So even if you have to carry only one child, having him or her on a front seat is better.

Jerome E - Europe

I was a bit skeptic about how this bike seat would work but after I installed in and took my daughter for a ride I was glad that I purchased it. My daughter is 22 months old she really enjoyed the sitting in the seat. I like the fact that she can see what is in front rather than staring at my back. I also find comfort it the fact that I can also see what she is doing. This make the rides that much more enjoyable.

Tony - San Jose, CA

I was looking to purchase a seat for my 1 year old, the kind you hook up to the back of your bike. I have one for my bike for my 3 year old and i needed another for mysbands bike. Then we came across this seat. I was amazed at where you would place it. We thought we'd try it and bought it. I think it's great. The kids take turns and they both love it. It's aewsome. So now we all go out for a bike ride together as a family. One of the best things we ever bought. Thanx.

Denise A

My son loves this! I was a little bit nervous putting him on it what he would think but he loves it and goes everywhere with us in his wee ride. Such a great purchase and good price too! I feel very secure with him right there in the front with me. My brother is a pro cyclist and works at a bike shop and has very strong opinions about bike things and he approved the Wee Ride. It installed quickly and easily but I haven't tried just taking the seat off yet, haven't needed to.

C. Clark

This product is awesome. It's more than I expected. Easy to put on the bike and take off. I thought my legs would be bowed out while pedaling , but even on a small Mtn. Bike, I was able to pedal normally. I love the center of gravity cause by having your child in the middle of the bike and up front. Felt like i was on a street bike while cruising down hills and around turns. Excellent C/G with this design.

Being able to talk with my daughter and hear her comment on what she's seeing and how much fun she's having was priceless. We can't wait to get out and ride together as a family again.

I would recommend this product to everyone who has a young child or expecting. I'll use this again for our next child once our daughter outgrows it. The seat can handle up to 40lbs. We love it!!!

Ansbach, Germany

My 15 month old absolutely loves this! The first time I put him in it, he cried when I put his bike helmet on. Now as soon as he's strapped in, he points at the helmet for me to put it on! He loves riding so much it makes the helmet worth it!

I have this on a 26" Huffy Cranbrook Cruiser. I had to attach the mounting bar a little differently than the instructions said, but it works. The carrier does cut into leg room a bit but does not make riding uncomfortable. It just requires a slight adjustment for the adult. I feel confident in the safety of the product. He is comfortable and riding with him is a lot easier than I expected.

Bottom Line: You do have to ride a little differently, but it is not hard to do and the payoff of quality time with your child is totally worth it!


I did my research and read the reviews on this and decided to buy it to use with my 9 month old son. I was afraid it was going to be too big for him, but it wasn't at all. This far exceeded my expectations. It was easy to install and fit perfectly on my Columbia bike. My son loved it and even fell asleep in the seat with his helmet on during the ride home. I have recommended this to many people. When I first went to ride my bike with my son it was awkward but I realized I just needed to raise my seat on my bike and that made a world of difference. I love this seat and so does my son.

New Orleans, LA

Fabulous product. had one of these for my son when he was younger, 10 yrs ago. this one is such an improvement. use it for my little nephew and he loves it too!! great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors and get some excersize with the whole family. comfortable for both rider and little one. You really feel like the child is secure and the center balance is wonderful!!!

Avon Lake, Ohio

This is the best invention ever!! It allows us to take our 5 year old on bike rides that she could never do by herself. We did a 7-mile ride last summer and she loved every bit of it. This is the best investment for those who love to ride with their kids, but also want to go a distance that they can't do yet on their own.


This is the second wee rider I have purchased. The first one was intended for Grandma to use while watching my granddaughter. Mommy and Daddy ended up taking that one home to use for family bike rides. 2 yr. old granddaughter really enjoys the front seat view.

Northeast Ohio

Love it! Exactly what I was looking for! I do not like the attachments that go behind the bikes. I don't like the fact you can't see them. This attachment is awesome! I love that I can see her & talk to her and I have the ability to be able to see if she needs anything. Totally would reccomend this to all parents!

I have a 14 month old and she loves going for bicycle rides. The harness straps hold her securely, which was a concern for me. As for the seat, it is very stable and my knees do not hit the seat at all. My daughter seems real happy in this bike seat. Toward the end of a ride if she gets tired, she has rested her head on the center pad. I only wish there were handle bars for her to hold onto. She doesn't seem to mind, but I think if they were there she would hold on to the handle bar instead of the center pad (seems akward). The assembly of the seat to the bike was easy and took about 5-10 mins. Very glad we made this purchase.


All i can say after purchasing it is wow, fantastic. I ride a cannondale jekyll 900 Lefty with oversize tubing and full suspension, and was struggling to try and find a seat for my 15 month old daughter that would fit my cycle due to the style of frame.

After tryiny out the rear pannier style seats (useless & dangerous in my opinion) and the trailers ( daughter got a bruised back and i didnt like the idea of her being behind me in traffic), i saw a video for the weeride and was rather sceptical that it would be any better than the other types i had tried.

It took about 10 minutesto fit onto my bike and is very easy to remove when not needed. It feels very strong and durable and the ride position is very good due to the adjustable foot holders. It does not affect the balance of the bike at all, and i can still signal to turn right when needed without any compromise of safety or balance.

My little one absolutely loves it and its great as she feels safe between daddies arms and it also allows me to communicate with her about everything we see as we ride. She has not tried out the headrest on it yet as she is far to busy taking everything she sees in to be bothered about sleep,but she does tend to rest her arms on it. Despite the size of it which appears very small, they also say it will fit your child until they are 4 years old. In my opinion if you have a child under 4, this is the only seat you will need to enjoy your childs company on any bike ride.


I can't praise this bike seat enough!! It's been an absolute revelation....being able to get out and about in the fresh air on our bikes, as a whole family, has been fantastic!! I've even stopped using the car for short journeys - I just clip my daughter in and off we go and, to top it all off, I'm getting fitter as a result! Brilliant!


We are in our second summer using the Wee Ride with our 2.5 son. He loves this thing as much as his teddy bear. We are now doing some more serious riding through the woods as he has gotten older. Great support and security for him, and lets us have a great time talking about what we are seeing together. I recommend adding a bell so that your little guy can be in charge of something while riding.

This is a perfect purchase for me as it means I can use my high spec bike for my own rides as well as being able to use it for family rides. This fits no problem on my full-sus Giant and I see no reason why it wouldn't fit most other top end brands and varying suspension designs. The neck is narrow so it still fits bikes where the head stem is welded close to the cross bar - something you can't see in the pictures. Seat comes on and off in seconds and the bar takes less than five minutes using the allen key. My son loves it and its great being able to see what hes doing all the time. You do have to ride with your knees out but its not like you'll be riding with any speed!


Something Mike and I have always wanted to do with Lucas is go on a bike ride with him, but honestly--we never felt comfortable about putting him in a carrier that attached to the back of the bicycle. It just didn't feel safe and I also don't like not being able to see Lucas. Plus, he wouldn't be able to see much either--as his view would be blocked by either Mike or me. That's why I was so thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to review the Wee Ride Kangaroo Carrier, a child carrier that attaches to the center of the bike!

As soon as we got the Kangaroo Carrier, we had to use it right away! Although the Kangaroo Carrier will fit most bikes, we did have a little bit of trouble getting the carrier installed on our particular bike. For some reason the knob that attaches the seat to the mounting bar was hitting the bike frame. However, Mike was able to slightly shorten the knob and successfully install the Kangaroo Carrier. The good thing is that once the carrier is installed, you can remove the seat within seconds and you never have to worry about installation again. You can also buy an extra mounting bar and it install it on a secondary bike so you can switch the carrier from bike to bike without having to move the mounting bar.

After using the Kangaroo Carrier, both Mike and I were immediately impressed with how easy it was to balance the bike even with a 35 pound kid on with us LOL. I honestly thought that it would be difficult since Lucas is such a big kid, but it really wasn't. Now, keep in mind that the Kangaroo Carrier is safe to use up to 4 years old {or 40 pounds} so Lucas won't be able to use this too much longer. I am so excited about using it with the next baby though! Another thing that I love about the Kangaroo Carrier is that since the child is seated in front of the parent, you can easily see and attend to your child whenever necessary. Since the child is in front of you--your arms also go around the child--adding an additional layer of stability and safety. Another plus is the child has a clear view in front of him, which makes the bike ride a lot more fun! As you can see from Lucas' smiles in the pictures below--he loved riding on the Kangaroo Carrier!

Jolly Mom

The seat was a little smaller than I expected, but it is fine, if the seat were any bigger it would be hard for the person riding the bike. I had looked for a very long time for something for my son to ride in while my husband and I went for bike rides and i didn't want him sitting behind my husband looking at his back and I didn't want him pulled behind the bike in a trailer. This was exactly what I wanted and it has been so great! We get a lot compliments on the seat and tons of people stop us to ask about it. I would recommend this to anyone! My son LOVES to look around, rest his arms on the padding in front of him and he gets so excited when every we mention going for a "bike ride". Highly Recommended!

Rexburg, ID

This bike is amazing! We got it for our son for his two year birthday. 5 months later, he is a speed demon on it and he rides it every day. He absolutely loves this bike. He started just walking with it and not sitting on the seat while he was getting used to balancing. Now, he is flying on it and picking up both feet. I can't imagine he will ever need training wheels because he already found his center of gravity. This has given him soo much confidence. Everyone that sees it is amazed. He can keep up with the older kids. What a great price for an awesome product.

Hirschepop - Pittsburgh, PA

This bike is perfect for our 28-month-old! He absolutely loves it and it took him NO time to get going on it. I definitely recommend it highly! He loves being like the big kids and it's so much easier to operate than a trike or any of the other "age appropriate" ride-on toys he's used. I love that it has 10 inch wheels, so that it fits him nicely. It was totally worth the money (great price, anyway!) and we love it!


This product is awesome. My son was scared of bikes with training wheels because it wobbled to much. After he rode this he has learned how to balance and can now ride his bike with no training wheels. It only took 1 month for him to be confident to ride his own bike.

Catpaws - Greenville, OH

Love this bike seat! Our one year old adores his bike rides - he even hums as dad pedals! It is very comfortable and easy to install. The only slight issue is that the shoulder straps don't always stay put. We had to make them pretty tight, other than that it is fantastic! My husband did a ton of research on these seats and compared other brands, this seat met all our needs! It also had the best weight capacity (our son is on the heavier side) so we will be able to use it for a longer time. LOVE IT!

E Lu

One of my favorite things to do with my 3-year-old in the summer time is ride my bike with her to the beach in the mornings. I was desperate to try out one of those front-mounting bike seats I kept seeing around town but the first one I tried proved not to work well with our particular bike and tall daughter. Finally we discovered the WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat and have been happily riding to the boardwalk every morning since.

There are three reasons I chose the WeeRide over the competitor that I tried. For one, the mounting system felt more secure because instead of securing it onto the handlebars it secures directly onto the frame of the bike (I happen to have a mountain bike but this seat works with most bikes). This centers her weight onto the bike, so that I don't lose my balance and so that her weight doesn’t throw me off; since she is truly centered, her weight actually enhances my balance. It also doesn’t obstruct my view at all.

Second, I liked the 'extras' that the seat came with: a lot of padding, footrests that keep her feet secure and are adjustable, and a padded hand grip so that she has something to hold on to. The seat also has a five-point harness to secure her safely.

The final thing I loved, and what ultimately sold me, is the fact that the seat can be easily removed and put back on. This needed to be an option for me because I often drive my bike over to a path and in order to hook the bike on my car I need to be able to remove the child carrier (this is good for the child carrier too). I also sometimes go out riding really early when my daughter is still asleep and don’t want to take the carrier with me when I ride alone.

The idea of a front-mounted carrier appealed to me for many reasons but mostly because I loved the idea of being able to ride my bike and have my daughter in my vision. I taught her a few safety rules, mainly that we don't talk when riding because mommy needs to listen to what is going on around her, but sometimes she does ask me a question and I like being able to talk to her. She also loves sitting here and I do feel safer having her in front because when I had her behind me I was always turning around to make sure she was okay. We don’t ride through high-traffic areas and we practice a lot of common sense which I think is important regardless of where your child safety seat is mounted.

The maximum weight limit for this (and most other) seat(s) is 4-years-old and 40lbs but the steel bar could definitely support more weight than that. However, I think that we will outgrow this seat in height way before we outgrow it in weight, because once your vision is obstructed due to your child’s height you obviously can’t use it anymore. Luckily I think we have a long way to go until then.


Shopped around for something similar for a few weeks, range from 80 to 600 dollars - decided on the wee rider based on average of prior reviews and ability to return.

Received today, took 20 minutes to set up, followed directions exactly to avoid the problems that many of the negative reviewers had... no concerns.

Took my 3.5 year old daughter for a 6 mile ride up and down hills, over curbs and off and on the sidewalk and street - bike rode great, checked all connections several times, solid as could be with no issues, all the neighbors were impressed, are going to be looking into buying them tonight.

Feel free to spend 400+ on the trek version, I am happy with my 80 ride and my daughter LOVES it. Mom is happy that it is same and secure enough.

S. Hummel - Wake Forest, NC

Previously our little boy was being towed around in a trailer that were attached to my bicycle. This was great for new born to around 12mths but from then on he wanted to see more around him so kept ripping the door open, which resulted in him getting all the dirt and stones flicked up by the rear wheel. My missus suggested the seats that attach to the rear of the bike but I felt that these didnt offer any excitement to the child as all he can see is my backside and the things at the side of him thats already passed - plus I didnt like the idea of not being able to see him properly. I come across the WeeRider and at first thought that it were a little expensive and looked at cheaper alternatives - but they did look quite cheap and nasty and I wanted my boy to be comfy and safe so in the end I opted for the WeeRider. What a great purchase, Carl is now 16mths old and absolutely loves going for bike rides!! He can see all around, I can talk to him and interact about things we pass & see on the way and the only time he starts to whinge is when he is being taken off the thing! The seatbelts are quite secure although I would recommend attaching some pads to them as they can dig into the neck. With just one bolt to attach the seat its quick and easy to add/remove to the bike with no tools necessary - Great buy and a great incentive to spend more time on the bicycle, plus quality time with my son! We did 26mile yesterday and he loved every minute of it!


I will start off by saying I was really scared it wasn't going to fit on my bike since i did read reviews where some people had trouble with that. You see mine and my husbands bikes both have very little room(neck space)between where the cross bar meets the handle bars and where the handle bars actually start to turn. Some people said u need 1/2inch or so, but we didnt even have that. When we got the seat we were pleased to see that the bar u attatch is not the solid 1/2 inch that it looks like in pictures..it is hallow on the underside(still extremely sturdy though)and has a a cut out notch in the front to go around the neck of the bike. Therefore I had no issues what so ever attatching it to my 24" womens bike or my husbands bike. AWESOME seat!!! I'm 5'3 and I can ride very comfortably with my son:)I HIGHLY reccommend this seat. It looks really small when you get it out of the box..but works just fine!! Oh and I noticed some people were complaining about the harness..I see no issues with it..it adjusts easily...Also there is a cross strap on the harness that is meant to go on your kids shoulderblades to keep harness straps seperated..not in front how some people on here keep saying they are doing.


Having the idea that everyone does, to get fit this summer, my husband bought me a dual suspension mountain bike, i have 4 children, my youngest 18 months so i needed a child seat, i liked the idea of a front mounted seat so the weight is evenly distributed and the chance of skidding is reduced, not realising the further benefits, as most people with children do we went for a cheaper option which we had to return due to it not fitting my bike shape, we eventually found this seat, a liittle expensive i thought but my word its worth every penny!!!!!! we have just taken it camping with us and my child wanted to go in it everyday in rain and shine! (anoraks a must!) even my 3 year old, who also fits it well, was reluctant to get out of it. the benefits of this seat are endless, we can communicate easily, child is secure between your arms, they can see everything, you can see and hear them, they can snooze comfortably,..............

the only negetive i can find is that my knees point out a liittle when pedaling due to the feet taking up space, the seat can be moved as far forward as possible and i imagine on a non suspension bike this may not even be a problem. the only good option for anyone who needs a seat! well done weeride!


Our oldest son loves to go on bike rides with Daddy but our middle son isn't old enough to ride a bike yet so he would get left behind or Daddy would have to push him in the stroller while older brother rode his bike. This has solved our problem! Everyone enjoys the time together and Momma feels safer because the middle son is safer being high off the ground and not riding behind in a trailer. Those have always made me nervous because the bike rider can't see the child and the child can't really see what is going on. This seat makes it easier to interact with your child and keep them safe.

MommaTo3TXboyz - Taylor, TX

The seat is small and compact, but has plenty of growing room for my 21 lb, 30 inch tall 14 month old. I have to shift my knees out a little to avoid bumping the back of the seat as I peddle, but that wasn't too hard to get used to. It was easy to put together and is very sturdy on my small beach cruiser. My son absolutely loves going on bike rides with me!

HypoplasticheartMom - Utah

Parents searching for a safe bike trailer that also features excellent functionality will want to take a look at the WeeRide Stage Coach Double Bike Trailer. This affordably priced model offers excellent security with a sturdy steel frame, and harnesses for two riders, each with adjustable 5-point straps and other safety features that keep each child safe and sound. Padding in the seats and sides offers protection against the bumps dished out by the road and trail, and the wide base enhances stability when curves are part of the course.

This easy to use bike trailer has 16" bicycle wheels that ride smooth and come off with the push of the quick-release mechanism. It then folds easily, making it compact for travel or storage. At just under 25lbs, it's light enough to carry up and down stairs, and from car to trail head. The WeeRide Stage Coach Double Bike Trailer employs a universal screw-knob hitch system that allows for quick and secure connection to most adult bikes.

Not only will your children be safe, they'll enjoy the ride with internal pockets that hold their toys and snacks. Views in all directions are available when the weather is good, or roll down the durable, water resistant covers to protect from the elements when necessary. This is a great option when a lightweight, versatile model that is easy to transport is required. And even though they grow up quickly, the total weight capacity of 100lbs will give you options for years to come.

Child Bike Seats

My husband I were a little apprehensive when we first opened the package as the seat was much smaller than we expected but once we mounted the seat to the bike we changed our minds. Our little one (17 months / 26 pounds / 32 in) fit perfectly and LOVES the rides her daddy takes her on. He wasn't sure about having her sitting in between the handle bars and the seat but again, changed his mind quickly and returned the rear seat he snuck out and bought! So far so good! I would recommend this product.

Bullymadness - Los Angeles

So much better than a rear seat, my boy was whooping his way down the road 'driving daddies bike'!!! Also my missus couldnt use the rear seat as it unbalanced the bike so badly-this seat actually helps the balance!! Sadly Im not on commission, just buy one!!!

East Coast

I just love this seat! I was able to purchase it on sale for $58 but even at the full price of $80 it's worth it. My baby girl just loves bike rides now thx to this seat. And I love the fact that she is right in front of me where I can easily see her. You do have to bow your legs a little when you ride but I don't find it uncomfortable at all, just a little different. It was also very easy to install on my bike. I didnt need to ask my hubby for any help at all and it's very securely on my bike. I saw some previous reviews that said this seat doesn't fit well on mt bikes but I have found that untrue. Mine is connected to my mt bike and works great!!!

Jakz - Sequim, WA

My 6 year old daughter wouldn't ride her bike with training wheels at all. I was a little frustrated with her not wanting to ride her bike. I tried telling her how much fun bike riding is but she had it in her mind that she was going to fall and hurt herself. I then ordered this product and attached it to my bike. She was hesitant but got on the bike and we were on our way. She loves riding bikes now. I like this trailer bike because it still gives her the motion of riding a bike....she has to learn to balance it because there's a little wiggle to her bike. It does take some getting use to for the person pulling the trailer bike but it's nothing an adult can't handle. We ride to the lake every weekend now and explore the dirt trails and we haven't had any issues with the trailer. It's easy to attach and setup on the adult bike. It's also easy to adjust the handlebars and seat on the trailer bike. The concerns I think that people are having is that the trailer bike does have some play to it but I think that is a feature to help the child try and learn to balance themselves. I don't see it as a safety issue as the play is not enough to cause the child to fall. Overall, this is a great product and we will continue to use it and hopefully by spring my girl will be ready to tackle riding the bike by herself!

Stacy Apodaca - Richland Hills, TX

I bought this seat because it makes such a massive difference the child to be able to see where the bicycle is going to instead of staring at your bum. My son is 13 months and was thrilled to bits to be able to go for a bike ride on his new seat. Now he demands a ride every day and while out he points out at things and chooses which way to go. He enjoys it so much, brilliant design!! Not only that, but I can keep an eye on him and know he is safe during the journey.


This is a great bike seat - one that I have no regrets on purchasing. I have shopped on Amazon for a few years but this is the first review that I have taken the time to write. I am 5'3 and own a Trek 7100 WSD bike - 14inch. It was somewhat difficult to install the seat becasue I did not take time to read the directions. I had to separate the bars, install separately and then attach in the center. When I first took it out of the box I did not think that my 2 yr old - 30lb - 38 inch - shoe size 8.5 son would fit - BUT HE DOES!! More importantly - HE LOVES IT!! My reason for posting this review is because I was very skeptical that this would work - based off my height BUT when it went on sale for $40 - I had to try it!! I WISH I had broken down last year as I KNOW that next year he will be too tall for it. My son ABSOLUTELY LOVES HIS BIKE SEAT! When we ride my knees are slightly pointed outward BUT it dosen't bother me at all. The only problem was coming to complete stop. Instead of jumping off the seat to stop - I lean slightly to the left or right.... that took a little getting use to... but we both love it and have been going bikeriding every day that we can.... I'm glad that they improved the padding on the seat because the bike ride always sends my son to sleep... I wish they made a bigger seat so that I wouldnt have to invest in a burley..... but this seat has great memories!!! Don't hesitate!!!

Sandra Flowers - Chicago

We were undecided while searching for a bike trailer. I specifically was looking at the safety features and ease of attaching to a bike. The trailer was easy to set up. No tools were needed. It was set up in less than 5 minutes. It's lightweight and easy to tow around on your bike. My son, who is 18 months old, absolutely loves it. I do have to agree with a couple of the reviews though in regards to having 2 kids in there. My son sits comfortably by himself in the middle. If there were 2 kids, it looks like they might be cramped. There are 3 sets of seatbelts, so it's nice to have your choice of where you want your child to sit. Since he's by himself, he gets to sit in the middle. There's plenty of leg room for the kids and there's a small space underneath their seat to put maybe a jacket or blanket or whatever else. The pockets on the inside of the trailer are nice, so the kids can put their drinks or something else in there. There's a specific feature on this trailer that I didn't see listed on the others. It's a spring adjustment were it hooks onto the bike. It keeps the trailer upright, in case the bike tips over and it does work. I've hit the edge of the curb a couple of times from going off and on the sidewalks and from not paying attention. I noticed the trailer stays on the ground. I was very impressed. It does come with a safety flag and it easily slides along one of the rear sides, in between the canvas and the metal frame and stays put. I love the choice of the mesh screen or the clear plastic cover for wind or bad weather. I'm so glad we picked this trailer. I highly recommend it.


Layla the puppy loves to ride in her bike basket. Shes getting bigger and still hasnt outgrown it. It is very convenient to carry all of her toys, doggie bags and my wallet and water in the same basket. We ride all around town and often park and take walks in the park. The bike basket is easy to clean and very universal for most bikes.

Laura Drevlow - Minnesota

I wish I would have bought this bike trailer as soon as I layed my eyes on it. Instead I looked at the negative things said instead of all the positives! Finally I ordered my WeeRide and a day later it was at my door (thanks amazon)! Came packed solid. Not one scratch! It took me all of 20 mins to build. And that's quit an acomplishment since I'm lucky to pump gas in a car! LOL But seriously - VERY EASY TO ASSEMBLE. I think I might have glimpsed at the instructions. I didn't really need them other than to make sure I had put it together right for my daughters safety.

Now to the really fun part. My daughter (4) was very apprehensive when first trying out the WeeRide. She did'nt want to ride it at first, but with mommys help holding her up we started to ride. Mom let go and we were off! She wasn't very happy with me or mommy at first and was "freaking" out just a little. Moments later she started getting use to it and then thats when all the "this is fun" sayings started pouring out (I wish I had around $85.00 for everytime she said "this was fun" for I would be able to buy you all one)! Now not only is she wanting to ride everyday, but keeps daddy in shape for the days I'm feeling lazy - "Come on daddy, lets go riding"! :)

I seriously do not have any negative comments on this WeeRide at all. Not one. Now please do you and all of your family a big favor. Forget the more expensive trailer bikes, stop reading these reviews, buy it and you too can totally enjoy all the "this is fun, this is fun, this is fun"!!!!! Comments too !!!!

Timmy B - Ohio

I did my research before purchasing and thank goodness I didn't go by the few people who complained about the leg room or that it wasn't sturdy, etc. I installed it first on my bike (woman's 26" bike) and it was great! No problems with stability or leg room and my 2 year old LOVED it! The installation was so simple that I installed it on my husband's Men's bike that weekend to cruise on the beack boardwalk. Again, perfect! My husband is 6' Tall and had absolutely no problems with riding it and his only complaint was why didn't we try it sooner. We were so confident in the safety of this product that we even installed it on my 11 year olds bike because she wanted to ride her brother around too and even on a pre-teen girls bike it was great. The kids had a blast and now we go bike riding more than ever since we can include our 2 year old on faster longer rides and he actually feels like he's the one riding our bikes like a 'big boy'! LOVE LOVE LOVE & recommend it to everyone!

Cemnsophi - Miami Beach, FL

WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer was shipped in a well packed heavy duty carton. Instructions were simple to follow and it literally took 10-15 minutes to assemble.

Construction: it's a solid bike (well, half a bike); the manufacturer didn't skimp on quality of materials used. The only thing I'd improve on is the bracket assembly that attaches to adult bike's seat post. Namely, I'd make the plate that accepts 4 machine bolts out of stainless steel rather than aluminum. I'd also make the coupling pin to accept a colter (or spring) pin for extra safety.

Performance: Both bikes handled very predictably both in bike lanes and off-road. Almost no impact on stopping distance. The only two things to watch out for are: 1. don't let your child lean sideways, which causes noticeable balancing issues for the adult bike; and 2. make slow(er) and wide(r) turns with your child riding behind you.

Comfort and fun factors: My daughter (she's almost 7) loved the first ride (we've biked almost 40 miles since our first ride) and reported that it was very comfortable - both to ride and to pedal.

With my daughter riding behind me and providing "free" power boosts every now and then we can easily cover 5 to 7 miles in about 30 minutes. I also very much like the easy of disconnecting the WeeRide from my adult bike.

Bottom line: fun for my daughter and myself to use, a great way to get your kids outside and exercise, and most importantly safe product. And kudos to Amazon for smooth (as always) transaction and fast shipping.

A. V. Areyan - Princeton

I bought a mens cruiser bike and the seat fits perfect! my little one loves it and enjoys our bike rides, she loves having the great view of where we are going by seating in front! install wasnt that bad, took me about 20-30 mins but whenever i want to ride alone, the seat goes off and on quick and easy!


I highly recommend this bike to everyone. We got this bike for my son's 2nd birthday. He is now 2 1/2 and he is flying on it. He lifts up his feet and coasts, even down hills. Can't say enough about how this has built his confidence. He rides it every day. He is able to keep up with the big kids with no problem. I am extremely pleased. There is no way he will need training wheels. The price of this model compared to the others is amazing. What a value. When we first got it, the seat was a little high for him (he is in the 50th percentile). He began walking while straddling it and eventually began to sit on the seat as he grew. Now, like I said, our only problem is keeping up with him. The fact that it is soo low to the ground is a plus because if the bike falls, he usually remains standing. This has led to no cuts or bruises. Really, this is a must for every toddler. They need to make a more gender neutral design, but I would still reccomend for a girl simply because of the value and confidence it will instill. Wonderful product!

E Popovic

Took our little dachsie Bella on a camping trip, and wanted her to experience a bicycle ride. So we bought this basket and attached it to a rental bicycle and took off. Very easy installation. At first she didn't much like being put in the basket, but a bit into the ride she was really getting into it. The basket was great, and handy to hold the drink bottle and leash. Our little girl is about 12 pounds and the basket was on the verge of being too small, but it worked, and we had a great time!


We have a 6lb Yorky and she fit perfectly in the basket. I used the clip inside to secure to her harness and she was able to look out the front with her paws over the edge. On a couple of occasions she tried to jump out (Other doggies), but the clip held her in place. No problems found with this product.

Sharon Steliga - New Bedford, MA

I have a 4 yr old boy and a 6 yr old girl. Took training wheels off 6 yr old's bike last week and got the WeeRide copilot for the 4 yr old. The WeeRide is fantastic! The quality is fine and I anticipate only using it for 1 year or so and therefore did not need high end components. The clamp bolts to the seat post, but there is a quick release to remove the WeeRide from the clamp for storage. My 4 yr old loves being a copilot and a back seat driver. He was singing during the entire ride. The flag is nice to identify an extra long bike to cars. If you want to cycle and have 3-5 yr olds, buy this inexpensive, temporary solution and get your fanny on the bike!

J. Beaver - Olympia, WA

I received this item in less than a week and my six-year-old and I have been enjoying every day since. We even went on a 10 mile trek this weekend and loved every minute. I feel like she's safely attached to me versus being on her own bike. I highly recommend the Wee-Ride Co-Pilot. Great product, great price, fast shipping and it's allowing my child and I to have quality time amid nature. I'd call that a win-win-win-plus!

M. Smith - Florida

We love our WeeRide!

This installed relatively easily. The WeeRide comes with all the tools you need to install: Allen wrench and wrench. The first step is to fit the bar between the handlebar stem and the seat stem. Basically the bar sits parallel to the bar on the typical "boy" bike. My bike is pretty small and I was worried that there wouldn't be enough space to secure the front of the bar. There was just enough room for the front of the bar. Then the seat itself is secured onto the bar. You can easily take it on and off. The seat also slides back and on the bar a little bit. Once we get over the trauma of putting on his helmet, my son loves riding in his seat. He sometimes leans down and grabs a hold of the handlebars and pretends to steer with me. It's very cute and it doesn't affect my steering. Once or twice he has put his feet up on the handlebars, which is sort of scary because it definitely affects my steering and could cause me to swerve. So I have to be firm about not letting him do that.

I am very happy with this purchase. I was reluctant to get a bike trailer - a trailer just seemed like way more gear than I wanted. I just want to get on the bike and go and not have to mess with a whole other piece of equipment. Also, I'm just very wary of the safety of trailers, too. The profile is so low (even with the recommended flag) and I'm worried that cars can't see the trailer and that a car would turn into it. (Yes, neurotic mother, I know.) On the WeeRide, my son can see where we're going (another advantage over trailer).

I definitely recommend the WeeRide.


This seat feels very secure. An best of all, the child can ride with you instead of looking at your back like many other seats do. It is very easy to install and remove. I take it off after every use. It takes about 30 seconds to remove the seat. The bar it sits on can stay on the bike and not bother the rider. To put back on the bike is another 30 seconds of screwing in the bolt that holds the seat on the bar.

Would highly recommend this.

Emmit Fitts Humes - Miami, Florida

I was skeptical about this product. My son is 1 but the size of a 3 year old 33 lbs I was afraid he was going to be too big. I attached to my beachcruiser and it works awesome. People see me at beach and i always hear aww how cool or thats cute!! Steering is no problem and he seems to love it. I just need to get him a bigger helmet his head is big and the 3 year old helmet seems to be to small. I feel totally safe and secure with him on weeride. Awesome invention I'm so glad I finally got one it is so much fun.

Jade Lanverton

I bought this seat to go on a beach cruiser bike and absolutely love it. I have a normal 26" Electra Beach Cruiser and it fit perfectly with no modifications. My husband installed it in about 5 minutes. I am 5'2" and have no trouble riding with my daugher in the seat, I don't even have to pedal differently. It is important to note that there are only 2 parts to this system, the plastic seat and the metal bar. The plastic seat can easily come off of the metal bar, so if I want to go for a solo bike ride I just take off the seat, without having to remove the whole system.

Once I received this product, I understood the name because my daughter babbles "weeeeee" the whole time. It is tons of fun!!

M. Cabrera

This seat/system is very stable ,safe and secure.The balance on the bike is excellent. I'm 6'2" and ride a easy street 26' k2 deuce bike.Adding this seat didnt change anything as far as riding comfort or ease of use is concerned.My knees dont touch this seat.My 18 month old boy seems to enjoy it a lot.

S. Katragadda - Lebanon, NH

WeeRide is an excellent solution to a dilemma - should I have my kid stare at my behind, or should I be mildly inconvenienced by him sitting in front of me?

To me, the answer was simple, despite the fact that in a couple of bike shops the salespeople said they refused to carry WeeRide seat because it is so unsafe. I installed the WeeRide in 15 minutes. The space on the front fork that you need to secure the front clamp is about 1 inch, not more than that. Most of the bikes will have that much room. The rest of the installation is a piece of cake.

Also, despite my fears from reading the reviews, I did not have to really get my knees too far away from the child seat in order to avoid hitting it. Maybe that's because I have not built up those monstrous quads, so that they don't get in the way. Yes, I assume having to clip into the pedals may be a pain in the butt, so I just ride in my sneakers instead. Besides, if I have my 3-year-old (30 lbs), I am not really there for a speed ride or a workout, so we do fine with my sneakers.

The child's feet are very secure in the cradles, and I am able to make sharp turns with a fairly small radius without much of a problem.

The front of the seat has a rest, where my son keeps his forearms and hands, and it is very comfortable. We can jump curbs without risking bumping his face at a hard surface. You can take the seat off by undoing one screw and leave the mounting bar on the frame for a ride without your kid. I was a bit concerned that there is only one screw holding the seat to the mounting bar. However, even if something happens to this screw during the ride, the child is right between your arms, so nothing is going to happen.

Finally, the seat is very reasonably priced, so I would very much recommend it. One word of caution: when I ordered the seat, it was not clear if the mounting bar came with it, so I bought it for $20 separately, as was suggested by the website. You don't need to do that, the bar is included in the package with the seat.

Buy it, you won't regret it.

BB - New Jersey

Great way to transport your kid, I have used it for both of mine. You can talk to your child, they can see everything and are truly excited by the experience (faster daddy!). It does not change the center of gravity of the bike and is therefore more stable to ride.

If your child is below 4, don't even waste your time with a rear carrier.

Michael Milczarek

My son was 16 months old when we bought this bicycle seat and he really enjoys riding in it! It really did LOOK small when we first saw it, but our son fits comfortably. I really like the padding -- it's very comfortable -- as well as the safety features. It's really nice because when we ride together I can see him easily and interact with him. Riding is a bit different (my knees are a bit farther apart than when the seat is not there) but it is well worth it. We are not going out for rigerous bike rides when we all go together -- we take it easy and enjoy the family time. I would suggest this seat to anyone who is looking for just that -- interactive family time, that is also a SAFE option for your baby! :)

K Follett - Pullman,WA

I went with this seat after trying to decide between this and the Ibert. I went with this seat because it had more padding and also had the front piece so that my son could rest his head. The Ibert would have to attach to the handlebars so that the seat would turn with the handlebars. This was a dealbreaker for me. I didnt feel it was safe to have him turn with the handlebars, especially if we had to make a sudden turn, I wouldnt want hom to get whiplash. The wee ride sits between the handle bars and seat, and is very stable. I'm 5'10" and was very comfortable with this seat on my bike. I did have to ride slightly bowlegged, however it really wasnt that noticeable. My son loved the ride, and we rode for 3 hours without any problems.

GK - New York City

We tried both the rear mounted child seat as well as this seat and found this style to be so much more comfortable to ride with . I am on the small side and always felt unstable with my child on the back of the bike. With this seat I am so much more comfortable riding that we go all the time! You are able to interact with your child much more and can hear what they are saying when they point out things along the way.We don't have the LTD version but I am thinking that I might just invest in it for my husband's bike because we have been so happy with this product!

Tiffany - California

We received this 3 days ago and have completed 3 long rides with our 2 1/2 year old son. He is in love with this seat! I love it too and find that it is comfortable.

It makes sense that shorter folks may have trouble with this, but I'm only 5'10" and I'm okay so I don't think you have to be "tall" per se.

I love the position--we can talk and I can point things out--what a difference from the rear-mounted seats!

P Lio - Boston, MA

Works great, tried the Ibert first and it didn't fit so we ordered this one. Shipping was fast, ordered wednesday got friday. Could see how it might be uncomfortable on a mountain bike or a bike where you have to lean forward, but it was installed on my wifes beach cruiser which has a more upright seating position. I conducted the first test ride and barely knew it was there, my wife is 5'2" and she loved it, was no problems for her. My son who is 18 months old, he loved it also, was all smiles.

Installation was easy, took about 15 minutes. If you're the type of person who has to strictly follow the instructions don't forget to remove the bolt from the bottom of the pedestal part and mount it throught the seat, don't remember the instructions saying to do that and the bolt comes already installed and tightened onto the pedestal for some reason. Suppose you could also just not install the pedestal, only reason I see it being there is for them to rest their head if they fall asleep. Depends on the child but I don't ever see mine falling asleep on it.

M. Michel - Virginia Beach, VA

I love cycling and couldn't wait to get my daughter out with me. She absolutely loves sitting up the front of the bike on this seat. She thinks she's driving. It was easy to install and she sits quite comfortably in it. It took a little getting used to having her there for steering and dismounting but no more than the one time out in the park.

Kim Henderson - New York, NY

I've been using the Wee Ride for some time now and my daughter and I both love it! I've even had people stop me on the street to ask where I got it and how they can get one. It seems I'm not the only parent who feels uncomfortable having my child behind me where

a) I can't see her and

b) She throws off my center of gravity.

Plus, this way she gets to see where we are headed instead of just a close up of my back. Another great thing about it is how easy it is to remove if you want to ride without it! Takes less than 30 seconds! This was a great investment my daughter and I have gotten hours of enjoyment out of and I plan to hang on to it for when I have another child.

Kim Henderson - New York, NY

We bought this seat for our 17 month old so we could take family bike rides. She loved it and loved being able to see where she was going. I like her being in front instead of behind me. It is well constructed and easy to install on the bike. Great buy.


This is a great item. My nearly 4yo son has loved our bike trailer since we started using it with him. My 2yo is very different and doesn't like to be way back there, so far from the security of Mommy's arms.

After installing it, he still wouldn't try it, so I let my 4yo show the little guy the fun he was missing by giving him a little ride on the driveway. To my surprise, even my average-sized 4yo, with helmet didn't fit too badly! Of course his feet were too big for the stirrups, but it wasn't really meant for him.

After seeing big brother give it a whirl, little brother decided he could risk it and we were off for a spin of the neighborhood. My 2yo LOVED it and would even point out, and then wave to, cars and pedestrians.

Very much a GREAT product.

ScrappyLady - Minnesota

My husband takes my 18 months old boy to a ride 3 times a week. and both of them have a great time/ its very safe, baby has the best view, and dad can be sure baby is doing fine...we bought the little helmet too.. highly recommended.

M. Velez - Adventura, FL

I couldn't be happier that my husband bought this bike seat. My son is 13 months old and likes to move around alot! Being 5'0" and 100lbs myself, even his mere 23lbs shifting about can put me off balance on the bike with a normal rear seated one, but this center mounted is seat is excellent. He is so comfortable that he barely moves anyway - especially as he has a perfect view of everything going on to keep him occupied instead of having to stare at my back. When he does move, I can't feel a thing. I love being able to talk to him and point things out as we ride along and generally reassure myself that he is fine and enjoying himself because I can see him! Can't praise this seat enough - it's great!

UKgirl76 - Binghamton, NY

We love to be outdoors as much as possible with our 18 month old. We originally purchased a bike trailer but she didn't seem comfortable in it and hard for her to see while riding. I've seen the new front bike seat on the trails and in magazines and couldn't wait to buy one. It was easy to install and our daughter loves it. And I love having her up front where I can see her and know what's going on. It is a great value for the money and I would definitely recommend it!

Volley2U - Batavia, IL

At last I am able to take my 21 month old daughter on a bike ride without having to worry about her falling off the back. Now she can see were we are going and I know what she is pointing at. Installation took about 10 mins. Very easy to install and secure.

Previously my husband and I had bought another bike seat that we had to return because we were unable to use it in a bike with full suspension. This one was perfect for my husband's bike, and my daughter loves riding to the park and playground and all of over town with him on it. She's 25 pounds and the seat has plenty of growing room for her. It's great, too, because she's not sitting behind like most bike seats are. Highly recommended!!!

FinickyShopper - Central PA

I absolutely love this product. I had a rear mount when my daughter was born, but the Wee ride is a better choice. My son and I can talk about all the things we see on our rides, and he enjoys "pretending" to drive as he holds the handle bars. He has been riding in it since he was 3 months old (now 22 mo.) I get alot of questions about it too. I know I've helped sell alot of these.

DeeDooBaby - Palm Beach, FL

I bought this for my 18 month old & we love it. I've looked at lots of bike seats for her & this was the one I decided to try 1st. She doesn't like riding in a regular carseat so the behind the bike baby seats were not something I thought she'd like. She was so excited to get on Mommy's bike & just looks up & smiles anytime I talk to her while we ride. She feels like a big shot up front & likes to help Mommy turn the handles.

GraceannsMommy - KY

I couldn't be happier that my husband bought this bike seat. My son is 13 months old and likes to move around alot! Being 5'0" and 100lbs myself, even his mere 23lbs shifting about can put me off balance on the bike with a normal rear seated one, but this center mounted is seat is excellent. He is so comfortable that he barely moves anyway - especially as he has a perfect view of everything going on to keep him occupied instead of having to stare at my back. When he does move, I can't feel a thing. I love being able to talk to him and point things out as we ride along and generally reassure myself that he is fine and enjoying himself because I can see him! Can't praise this seat enough - it's great!

UKgirl76 - Binghamton, NY

my son loved his seat. he didnt let me or my husband stop riding. it is easy to stear, stop, turn. your better balanced on the bike. i just cant stop raving about it. ITS GREAT

MateosMama - LA QUINTA, CA

Previously my husband and I had bought another bike seat that we had to return because we were unable to use it in a bike with full suspension. This one was perfect for my husband's bike, and my daughter loves riding to the park and playground and all of over town with him on it. She's 25 pounds and the seat has plenty of growing room for her. It's great, too, because she's not sitting behind like most bike seats are. Highly recommended!!!

Central PA

I absolutely love this product. I had a rear mount when my daughter was born, but the Wee ride is a better choice. My son and I can talk about all the things we see on our rides, and he enjoys "pretending" to drive as he holds the handle bars. He has been riding in it since he was 3 months old (now 22 mo.) I get alot of questions about it too. I know I've helped sell alot of these.

Deedoobaby - Palm Beach, FL

I bought this seat around 3.5 years ago when my son was around 18 months and have put well over 1000 miles on it since we got it. It has been a blessing and wonderful bonding experience i will never forgot. He enjoyed every second of it and never fell asleep like most kids do in those other seats. He is turning 5 soon and our days are numbered (probably 6-9 months past due) It will be sad when we take that final ride....I loved it, Yes the are/shoulder straps are small but the waist belt still fits and he is right at 40lbs.

RIDERFORLIFE - South Florida

My little girl (2yrs old) has a fit over bikes and wants to ride but of course she is too small. We got a bike seat that attaches to the rear of the bike and she freaks out on it, the fist couple of rides were great and she enjoyed them but then all of the sudden if we even took her near the seat she would flipout. I saw this and thought I'd give it a try even though the reviews say it doesn't fit bigger children. My daughter is very tall for her age and I was a bit skeptical that she wouldn't fit. My hubby put it on his bike and put her in it and she loves it. She wanted to be where she could see all the action and pretend she was steering and not looking at the back of her daddy. My husband has no trouble peddling the bike and my daughter fits perfectly. The only problem is that his chest pushes her helmet into her eyes but that is the fault of the helmet-the smallest helmet is still to big for her little head and we cannot adjust it any smaller. We absolutely love it. If you are having problems with a rear bike seat like we had, try this one. I personally think that kids want to see what is infront of them and get the full bike experience.

Mommashell - STN MTN, GA

Excellent Product. My son loves it. We previously had the kind that goes behind our seat, but it wasn't comfortable for me and we had to stop several time so I can help him with his helmet. So he got irritated pretty quick. Riding in front of me is so much more convenient! My husband rides with him too and the seat is not in our way. I recommend this product.

CaseysMom - Spring, TX

My daughter is almost 2 and she loves going out on the bike! She runs in the house the moment we get home and grabs her helmet, I've had to start hiding it. It was easy to mount on our bike and it does not make you have to ride bow-legged the way I thought it would. I would definetly reccomend this product. And the shipping cost to my home was less than $2! Great deal really!

ForeverSingle - Mesa, AZ

I bought a WeeRide after being disappointed with the Burley Trailer. The trailer quality was fine, but for anything buy pavement riding, it spray's debris into the seat compartment. My daughter was covered in dirt, sand, etc. This was not fun for the canal path her in Ohio.

What I love most about the Wee Ride is the experience. The seat lets me be my daughter's tour guide to the world. We have great little conversations about seeing bunnies, birds, joggers. I get to point things out to her and she responds. It is great. With the trailer, I felt we just brought here along for the ride and she wasn't really thrilled.

As far as the product goes, it's well built and sturdy. My knees DO NOT bump into the bottom of it. I'm not sure why that happens to others. It might be the type of bike you have. There is some adjustment possible. I have a large hybrid bike (Trek 7.2). There needs to be a little room on the neck of the bike right below the handle bars, beneath the headset, to secure the WeeRide. I don't think it would work on my wife's bike for that reason, who has more of a mountain bike. The harness is a little basic, but I feel much safer with her between my arms than in the back or in a trailer. Also, the balance and control of the bike is unaffected. Rear mounted seats can't claim that. My only complaint is that I wish it had a little cup holder for the rider.

Overall, I'm very happy with the product. I haven't used the trailer since. My daughter loves going for rides with me and it truly is quality time for just me and her.

Our son just loves this seat! He can see everything and can lay his head on the rest when he is sleepy for a nap. They really have thought of everything!

Melissa Altar - Orlando, FL

My whole family loves this idea of this prodact.

I was always thinking about how can I ride my bike with my 2 years old son and be feel safe at same time.

I didn't like the idea of child sits right behind you, because what if something happens on the back of the seat and I wasn't be able to catch him right away???

I've always wanted to have my son sit front of me, and here this product comes. It is pretty easy to put this thing on, and also strong enough to hold your loved ones. My son really loves his view when we get to ride the bike and I can be feel a lot safe during the ride.

You will be feel safe, and your child will enjoy his/her view like you do or more ;)

You can change the size for the legs and seatbelt as well. 1 year and up. (maximum capacity of 40 pounds)

It is very easy to put it on to adult bikes.

Mika Moe - Queen Creek, AZ

This product is great! we love it and had used it a lot! The most important thing is that my son loves to ride with me in this!

Monica Cliff - Madison, WI

I've owned this product for approximately 1 year now and I am completely satisfied with it. I began using it with my son when he was 18 months (24 lbs). He is now 36 months (~30 lbs) and we are still having a great time. Once mastered, the assembly only takes about 2-3 minutes. I have been using this on my mountain bike, so I usually assemble and disassemble the entire thing several times a month. I feel that the seat is very secure, and have ridden both on and off road with my son. Although not recommended for off road use, I think it is safe enough for the sandy/dirt trails where I live (no rocks, jumps, non-technical).


- Spend quality time with my son, and give my wife a break
- My son LOVES the bike time.
- I get a good workout with the added weight of the seat and child, which has actually helped me on those singletrack climbs when I go out mountain biking.
- People will stare at you as you ride by and say very nice things about you, the seat, the child, etc...


- Interferes with your knees just a bit when pedaling, but you only have to adjust your legs a few centimeters. This is a small price to pay for the great feeling of taking your child out with you on a beautiful day.

P. Fajardo - El Paso, TX

My wife and I purchased this with low expectations. It has turned out to be a great investment for the summer as our son loves to go on bike rides. It was easy to install on my wife's bike. It is not obtrusive and lets our son get full view and the wind in his face.

Fatherof1 - St Louis

I absolutely love my Wee Ride. Having my son right up front leaves me confident and him soooooo happy. I'm still in control and his weight really has no negative effects on our ride or my comfort. To me it is not much difference than riding alone.

mom2chayse - Ridge, NY

This seat is a great idea. I like being able to see my kid and he likes looking at anything besides my back side! this product is easy to assemble and will give you hours of entertainment.

loveit228107 - East Gary. MN

I love to ride my bike but, after I had my baby, I could not really enjoy rides because I'd wonder how my baby was doing at home. One day I saw someone on a bike carrying his baby in a seat situated on the rear of the bike. I wanted to get one of these seats so I could ride with my baby. I found this center-mounted child seat on Amazon instead. My baby and I went on many rides with this and now I think my baby enjoys bike rides more than I do.

It is easy to strap the baby in the seat and easier to take him out. I can do it comfortably with one hand around my baby and one on my bike.

The baby is 23 lbs. and 29 inches tall and he fits perfectly. I'm afraid he might outgrow this seat soon. However, the seat may only look small because it's supposed to accommodate babies up to 40 lbs.

Some people say they have a problem with having to pedal with their knees slightly outward with this seat on the center of their bikes. It is no big deal to me. I think some just expected every aspect of cycling to be left unchanged but as with any alterations you make to your bicycle, you must anticipate having to make some adjustments to riding. The advantage of a center-mounted seat as opposed to a rear-mounted seat is that the rider retains better balance. My baby moving from side to side during a ride is enough for me. I can only imagine how troublesome this would be if he did that on the rear of my bike.

Installation of the mounting bar was difficult on my first bike but after I figured it out, I installed the second bar on my husband's bike in about five minutes. With my bike, I tried tightening one side of the mounting bar to one bike post at a time, and I had to keep loosening and tightening everything all while trying to hold the mounting bar up. The trick is: first, take out the spacers because 90% of bike posts aren't that skinny, then loosely attach the whole mounting bar to both bike posts, and tighten everything last.

The seat feels very secure and I love having my baby right in front of me. I wouldn't want my baby in the back where I can't see him and I don't think he would enjoy it very much either. Anyway going on bike rides with my baby is so fun. This is the best thing I bought for him. However I don't like it when he falls asleep because then I have to hold his head up. But I think that says something about how comfortable he is in this seat.

Lina - Rosemead, CA

What a great bike seat!! My daughter is a boisterous, tall, 35-lb three year old, and I was a little apprehensive about staying upright. But once we got it on (which did take a while because the bolts were so tight – you might ease up on that a little), we simply took off. We both love it. Our first ride was about ten miles, and she actually fell asleep on the way home—just laid her little helmeted head on the hand rest and was out. When she got home she immediately fashioned bike helmets for her favorite stuffed animals so they could come, too.

We ride to daycare now and get a lot of waves and smiles. In fact, you'll probably get a slew of orders from the Sacramento area because people keep stopping us and asking where we got it.


Patricia Heinicke and Josephine

First let me say that my kids both already had bikes with training wheels. Neither were looking forward to Dad removing their training wheels - the prospects of falling down were too much for them. So, when seeing this "bike" on sale I thought we'd give it a try. It came somewhat unassembled, but was quick and easy to get it complete - in fact I did so on the kitchen counter in about five minutes time. Then came the test, would they try it. I gave the Dad talk - how this was a new bike, a special bike, that you ran with you feet, that you pull your feet up and just like magic it will allow you to roll on the pavement. Low and behold they took to it. After three or four times up and down the driveway my eldest came and said, "Dad, can you take the training wheels off my bike." Success. Literally went from a training wheel bike to riding two wheels without a single crash. I was absolutely floored. And so what if the bike got less than an hour of use in our household. It served the purpose and was off to the next family friend for their learning bikers. Assessment: Quick and easy to assemble; quick and easy to move away from having to have training wheel. Perfect

RJLOne - Michigan.

My one year old daughter absolutely loves this seat. She starts to get excited when I get our bike helmets out of the cupboard and claps her hands when she finally gets into her seat! Being able to interact with her as we are whizzing along is brillaint- I'm so glad that I didn't buy a rear placed child seat (it has also left space at the back of my bike for paniers). I do regret not buying the deluxe version but at the time I didn't want to spend the extra cash without knowing whether is would be a success - oh well! I do suggest getting a double legged / centre stand for your bike in order that your bike stands upright for loading and unloading your precious cargo. The folk at WeeRide are very helpful- the guys at my local bike shop offered to fit the seat for me and they got a little confused by it all- the team at WeeRide spoke to them directly and it was all sorted without me having to get involved beyond the initial phone calls. This child seat is probably at the top of my 'you have to have' list.


Just wanted to say thanks for the fast delivery of the Kangaroo child bike seat. My 2 year old son loved his first ride last night, and I did too. It's a nice piece of equipment, and thanks for such a good deal with the free shipping. I know we're going to use this a lot. I'll be keeping an eye on your web site in case any other good things appear.

Joe Spivey, Houston

This product has been a blessing this summer! My 2 1/2 year-old son and I have been able to enjoy some quality time together on our long bike rides. He loves being able to sit on the front and see everything that I see. The number of comments we get from people is amazing as well! People are absolutely amazed at this design.

Although he is a tall, skinny boy, he fits just fine in the seat, although the straps are a little on the big side for him on top but small on the bottom. Overall, we have loved having this seat and have tried it out with several of the neighborhood toddlers who have loved it as well.

Newark, Ohio

Well engineered product. I had some questions before the purchase and the manufacturer was quick to reply via email. I use it on a 26" beach cruiser and have no problems with my knees hitting the child seat. My daughter and I love it!

S. Toor, Bay Area, CA

This is a great child seat. I can hardly feel the difference from riding alone. The center of gravity is not changed at all (like the ones that attach on the back of the bike which I have had). I do not feel wobbly at all. My child loves seeing everything and we can talk while riding. I feel safer when I am on city streets with my child in front of me that when I used to have the wagon being pulled behind. This is amazing. I hesitated in buying it because my child was approaching the weight limit, but for the price and how much we've used this in the past few weeks it was worth it. I'd buy this again and would HIGHLY recommend it to others.

L. Jarvis, Redwood City, CA

We purchased this product to go on bike rides with our 15 month old. She is motion-adverse (doesn't even like the baby swing) but absolutely loves this bike seat. When we mention a bike ride - she is all smiles. My wife and I feel more comfortable as well with her in view and keeping the center of gravity where it belongs. Highly recommend!

Sic Semper, Atlanta, GA

This is the second one that I've bought and I highly recommend it. We have two young Grandsons who just love riding in this! It gives you peace of mind knowing that they are right in front of you and can better keep an eye on them.

"Mammy", New York

This was exactly what I was looking for. I didn't want the rear mount type of seats because of balance and because I wanted to be able to interact with and enjoy the ride with my 3 year old. Installation was not difficult. My daughter and I have really enjoyed riding together. I am thrilled with this item!

M. Brush, Tennessee

Yay! My wee ride seat arrived today! I am very impressed by the quality of this item! My husband attached to my bike pretty quickly.. and since it's winter here in Michigan we practiced a bit in the living room! So, I haven't officially taken my girl for a ride yet, but I don't see any issues with getting on the bike or peddaling. A lot of people said that you had to peddle with your legs bowed, but I don't have that issue. I'm 5'4 and also find no problems getting on the bike with the seat in place. My 14 month old loved our practice run in the living room! can't wait to take it for a full ride!!!!!!!!!

S. Ryan

I absolutely love this product! It was simple to install, and it is so easy to take off when not in use. My 2 1/2 year old boy loves to ride with me. We have taken 15 mile trips and usually he falls asleep during the last 20 minutes. Even when he is sleeping, I still have no problem handling the bike. I would recommend this product to anyone with a child who is 40 lbs and under. I look forward to warmer weather so we can all go biking again!!

G. Lowe, Olathe, KS

Did a fair bit of research before settleing on the Weeride Kangaroo, front mounted seat seemed safer to me & make more sense, & sure enough, it is, and does. Installation was easy, 10 minutes tops, first ride with my 10-month old I knew this would be at least a once-a-day event--she absolutely LOVED her ride, in fact when I took her off when we got home she threw her very first tantrum. I would say honestly this is one of the best purchases we have ever made for the baby. We feel safe with her in front, we can see her, make sure the harness is as it should be at all times (something you can't do with rear seats), interact with her, and she has a great unobstructed view (as opposed to rear carriers where all baby sees is pretty much the riders back). We were so impressed we ordered an extra mounting bar for moms bike (about $20), so now we can take turns taking baby for her very favorite activity :) Highly recommended.

Paul Goodwin

My husband is an avid biker and always on the look out for a better bike seat for our son to accompany him on his rides. He never liked the rear seat because of how it shifted the center of gravity when he tried to steer, and he hated not being able to see or speak to him. He tried a couple of front mounted seats from a local bike shop,but they were too wobbly. A friend suggested this WeeRide Child Carrier and we ordered it hoping for the best, and the best is what we got! My husband is in heaven and our son is so happy to see where he's going and ask his daddy questions about what he sees. My husband’s chief complaint was about the strapping system, it is a little confusing in the beginning, what we thought strapped over the front actually straps from the back, but that was quickly figured out. Our boy is about 37 pounds and 38 inches tall and he fit fine, the seat mounts very securely, and my husband feels much safer with our son in the front. If you like the idea taking your child out with you on your bike rides, this is absolutely the best solution we’ve found.


Definitely one of the best buys I made since my daughter was born. I use it almost every single day, and my daughter loves it. We go for long rides, and short rides. Our longest ride was from upper west side in Manhattan all the way to Brooklyn, crossing the Brooklyn bridge. She never complained, and the fact that the seat is in front she can see, and feel everything like we do. I just wouldn't imagine having a seat in the back of my bike, because I have so much more control in seeing her what she is doing without taking my eyes of the road. It's just a fantastic invention. Too bad I can't have both kids in front. You will not regret this purchase.

S. Mustafa, NY

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the WeeRide. I looked into several options for my child before finally stumbling across another person using a WeeRide here locally in Las Vegas. Their testimonial to how much they loved it encouraged me to try it out. Our family loves it. We planned a 2 week bike adventure across Ireland with every intention of including our 1 year old son. We had one trial run with the WeeRide before embarking on our journey and truthfully were very skeptical as we loaded him up the first day. He absolutely loved it. He wanted to go go go.. and at the end of each ride on each day got upset when he was taken out of the seat. Your right... we loved having him right in front where we could point to things, talk to him, and interact with him throughout the ride. I believe that alone made all the difference in the world. I also felt really safe having him position right in front where I could see him... and right between my arms. This is a great product that I encourage all who love biking and have young children to use. Thanks for such a great product!!

Stephanie Anwar

This is a valuable asset!

Physically: extremely comfortable for daughter and myself. Seat depth and position are securely and easily adjustable. It's a great way to exercise and run errands. Very secure holding child between arms!

Mechanically: When purchased from Amazon.com, all hardware (allen wrench, hex key) are included. In other words, all the tools needed for assembly are provided. Total assembly time= less than 25 minutes.

Emotionally: Absolutely joyful thus far- it's a great learning/educational opportunity. We are learning so much about our environment: road rules, tire pressure, safe riding and maintenance with this seat.

Financially: It paid for itself the first ride- that was about fifty rides ago!

Aesthetically: We get so many inquiries about where to purchase- (even from local bicycle dealers) that we inadvertently advertise this product! The mount bar is strong, the seat is well made, washes easily and has small reflective stickers. 40lb. weight maximum. This seat is worth every penny.

Enjoy! Thanks for taking a moment and reading my review!

Moopey, Columbus OH

I bought this seat to go on a beach cruiser bike and absolutely love it. I have a normal 26" Electra Beach Cruiser and it fit perfectly with no modifications. My husband installed it in about 5 minutes. I am 5'2" and have no trouble riding with my daugher in the seat, I don't even have to pedal differently. It is important to note that there are only 2 parts to this system, the plastic seat and the metal bar. The plastic seat can easily come off of the metal bar, so if I want to go for a solo bike ride I just take off the seat, without having to remove the whole system.

Once I received this product, I understood the name because my daughter babbles "weeeeee" the whole time. It is tons of fun!!

M. Cabrera

I live in a neighborhood with a lot of parks and a lot of biking trails. My two-year-old son loves going to the parks, but since some of them are a bit farther than he could walk (he could probably walk halfway to one of the parks we go to most often), this often necessitates that we bring him in his stroller. This presents a problem because as soon as we get to a park, he insists on pushing the stroller around instead of playing.

The other excuse is that walking to some of the far parks tire *me* out, so I don't feel like walking back and pushing him in his stroller.

So, getting to the parks by bike was the best option, unfortunately, none of the child carriers that I researched or saw on other bikes appealed to me, since I didn't like the fact that most of the carriers would have my son sitting BEHIND me, therefore giving him a great view of my sweaty back and allowing him to do whatever he wants (like wiggle around and throw off my balance) without my knowledge of it. I also didn't want a bike trailer since they sit below a car driver's eye level. Well, that is, until I saw the WeeRide Seat.

Once I got the WeeRide, I had my son sit inside while it was on the floor so I could adjust the seatbelt (which, according to another reviewer, is pretty crappy, but works as designed) and the footcups. Installation on a beach cruiser was pretty easy. I'd imagine that it would be just as easy on a mountain bike...but regardless, due to the position of the WeeRide's front 'armrest', don't expect to utilize any accessories (trip computer, air horn, etc) which may be mounted in the middle of your handlebars.

Riding the bike with the WeeRide and my son sitting in it isn't awkward at all. Granted, I'm riding a beach cruiser and the handlebars swing back so I don't have to lean forward since I sit upright. I'd imagine that folks riding a mountain bike would probably not have the same seated position, so they'd probably hit their chests against their kids' helmeted head. I do have to pedal a little differently since my legs are spread apart a little to compensate for the width of the WeeRide and it definitely works a different muscle group than normal pedaling. But, I've adjusted and it's pretty natural now.

As far as I can tell, my son enjoys riding around on the bike while in the WeeRide. As soon as I put his helmet on him, he knows that he's going for a ride, and he tells me where he sits (the WeeRide) and where I sit (directly behind him). Whenever we ride around, I can point things out to him so he can see, but most of the time, he points things out to me...like, "Doggy!", or "Ducky!", or "Big Truck!"...you get the picture. It's also great being able to keep an eye on him and make sure that if any bugs get in his mouth, I can wipe them off. Just kidding, no bugs - just a little snot (he's a teething two year old, what do you expect?), which I can wipe away easily...or, to my son's liking, I give him a tissue so he can wipe it away himself.

The other day as we were riding around the neighborhood, two electricians driving by stopped me and asked me where I got the WeeRide. They were pretty excited since each had a child of his own and didn't know that something like the WeeRide exists. They were pretty ecstatic and raved about how my son was in front of me and didn't look tired and how he could see everything. [...]

With that in mind, on one level, the WeeRide enables my son to see more of the world...and on a different level, the WeeRide is an enabler in Father-Child bonding. Already, I've passively encouraged two other fathers that being with their children for an activity as trivial as riding a bike could be an enjoyable and enriching experience.

Gerard Garcia

I wasn't into the typical bike seat...I got enough wrinkled noses at the idea of biking with my toddler on board, so I wanted to try an alternative. This seemed interesting, and more comfortable to keep my daughter where I could see her and talk to her while keeping my eyes on the road. It was no sweat to install and we have used it frequently since early spring, when my daughter was 3.5, 30 lbs and 33" tall. I find it an easy balance, even when we fill our front basket with library books, etc. She loves the riding experience. We even FELL with this seat once, on a recent rainy morning - my kid came out unscathed, as, being near my arms, I was able to catch her above the pavement when we slipped on the it while mounting up!! Now that she's just over 4 she's getting tall enough that we will be looking at trailers soon, but it is still a comfortable ride. I paid almost double the current price and consider it well worth it!

S. E. Lockman

I got this for my 20 month old son so my husband and I could bike again. We installed this in about 20 mins. and went for a WONDERFUL ride. My son was comfy the entire time and the seat is very stable on the bike. The harness LOOKED like it was going to be tricky to figure out but after looking at the instructions I had NO problems getting my son seated and the harness adjusted just right. After dealing with so many other child harnesses, I actually liked how the adjustments worked.

I had no trouble pedaling with the seat on- you do have to pedal knees out a TINY bit- but the only part of you that will notice is the new set of muscles involved until they get in shape- but that just may be my muscles since we haven't biked since before I was pregnant

The interaction with my son as we biked was great- look at the bunny, see that tree, lets watch the puddle, etc. GREAT! And his pointing and the weeeeee weeeeee and giggles of delight as he enjoyed the wind n his face make this an excellent choice! I expect to be able to use this for quite some time!

Munchkin's Mom

This is a genius invention.. its heard to believe that it took so long to come up with! My 2 1/2 year old Allyson absolutely LOVES going for bike rides in this seat, in fact when the ride is over and mommy and daddy want to go back in the house.. she wants more! Also you will feel like you're driving a fancy car down the street when you see the people turn their heads as you ride down the street! Great job WeeRider!!

Robert Dean Phillips

Love this seat! It didn't take but 10 minutes to install and we have been using it ever since. My son (2 years old) can't get enough. It has been fun for me to get back into biking too after a long break. I have a women's mountain bike, installed just fine. Buy this seat.

Becky Carter

We bought this for our four-year old son to attach to Mommy's bike. Compared to other options that we looked at this price was great (and so was free site-to-store shipping). Our son was still scared of doing much on his little bike with training wheels, just completed a seven mile ride this morning happily! This is a FANTASTIC way to have family bike rides!!!!! I'd give it more stars if I could!

Ashsmama03 - MA

Very easy to put together and use. My 6 year old daughter has training wheels and was easily able to use this bicycle on a 7 mile ride. Product is too big for my 4 year old and wouldn't recommend for his age. Overall very simple and easy to use, although I would recommend a seasoned rider lead as there is a bit of balancing involved.

Ironman36 - Caldwell, ID

This the best family activity purchase I have made. I can finally get a work out and go for long bike rides. My 6 yr old prior was still on training wheels and not grasping the whole balance pedal faster concept. She would always complain about 5 minutes when she rode by herself.

Now, she's always wanting to go for a bike ride.. and go fast to beat her sister. The product is well made and seems durable. I would recommend this to anyone who wants that good healthy family time.

wayne7777777 - Bothell, WA

We purchased this for our, soon to be six year old, son. We had a blast taking this out for a spin. It works great and now we can go on long bike rides without the worry of our son being able to keep up. My husband found it actually easier to go over the hills with the extra help help from our son peddling.

jmls - Florida

After a few trips with me on this, my 6 year old son dramaticly improved his efforts to ride his two-wheeler. It is also great when my wife and I want to take longer rides that he could not keep up us with on his own. And best of all it gives us great father-son time.

an anonymous customer - Delray Beach, Fl

I love this product. It is very sturdy no wobbling or shaking. It is attached to my hubby's bike and he said steering is easy. Also it has a mud flap so your child doesn't get sprayed if you ride through a puddle. One of my favorite features is the flag. Since the bike is below the level of a car people can't see it so it gives me piece of mind to have a flag there. It isn't to heavy to pull either. The child can help by pedalling, or they can just coast. Wee ride makes great bike accessories!

AandDMOiMent - Mansfield, TX

I bought this bike seat for my husband for Fater's Day, trying to get him into more exercise. Well, it worked....he went right out and bought a new bike. Both he and my 2 1/2 son LOVE it... it is much safer than the back child seats because the center of gravity is in the front. It is really easy to peddle, barely notice a difference with child in front of you. My son can talk to my husband or whoever is riding the bike and he can see plenty of things around him. I am so glad that I purchased this. In fact we enjoyed it so much that my Dad bought one for his bike to take my son for rides and we have purchased 2 additional mounting bars to fit all of our bikes. What a great invention!!! I tell everyone how great thisproduct is and when we ride around town we get stopped all the day because of the seat. Very Cool!!!

Eve, NY

This seat worked just as described. Installation was pretty easy. I followed the directions and it went fine. The best attribute is that the child sits in the middle, not in the rear. This makes riding much easier, as the center of gravity is where it should be - in the middle. I also feel more in control over the bicycle. I can get on and off much easier, too. My boy is 3-years-old, and he likes it and fits in it comfortably. I recommend this product.

Shishka Leroy

It is impossible for me to understand how some people find this product difficult to install, or uninstall-able on their bike. I found the product to be highly versatile in its installation options and I'd wager I could install it on any bicycle on the planet. (And just for the record, my bicycle has less than 1/4 inch of clear space between the top bar and the steering collet.) If you have any cleverness about your wits at all, you will be able to install it.

It also still leaves plenty of room on the handle bars for accessories (lights, reflectors, bells, etc.) although I had to move my trip computer out onto the mountain climbing grip in order to be able to see it clearly.

After shopping all such devices I also find it difficult to imagine why any of those other products are even legal on an American street. This is the only product I've seen of the five or so main ones available which will offer the infant any kind of protection in an end-over accident scenario. That funny wing looking "dashboard" is what will keep the entire weight of the bicycle from smashing down on the child should there be an accident. Every other design I've seen, that is exactly what would happen if the bike went end-over. The child would be pinched between the pavement and the bicycle.

And of course, as many have said, our child loves it! Much better than a rear seat. She can see and she loves to let her arms hang down and touch my legs every time I pedal around.

The only drawback is the child's head is pretty much right in your chest. Clearly a "well-endowed" mother and a child with a helmet on would not be compatible. But I don't see that as a design flaw, it is just a reality. I could also see how a very petite person might have a hard time finding enough room to get everyone aboard as well.

The product is exactly as advertised, easy to install, is the only save option I see out there for a product of this kind, and is well made. And the price on Amazon is just perfect for the product. Home Run!

Darren Summers

After searching for a bicycle seat for my 20 month old daughter, this seat has it all! I didn't feel comfortable with the seats that sit on the back of your bicycle, the weight distribution was awful! After getting the wee-ride, it took my husband about a half hour to put on, my daughter LOVES it!!! The first time out, she fell asleep on the head rest and my arms kept her straight, the foot holders are great. When people in my neighborhood saw us riding around they did a double take! I cannot rave enough about this fabulous seat! My daughter is safe, comfortable and loves going for a family bike ride now!

C. Cicero



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